Drinking alcohol isn't for everyone. But going out to bars and clubs leaves non-drinkers asking a big question, "what can I order?"

Of course, you've got Coca-Cola or some lemonade, but you can't keep drinking glass after glass of it - you'll explode. Even teetotallers need some variety!

Have a look at our list of the 11 best mocktails to order at a bar - that will get your taste buds pinging with delight, and leave you begging for more!

1. Virgin Mojito

Two non-alcoholic mojitos served on a green table

At number one (but in no particular order) is the alcohol-free Mojito. A firm favourite with bar-goers, the Mojito offers drinkers a delightfully refreshing cocktail. Filled with lime 'zingyness', sugar sweetness and mint freshness, they're undeniably easy to drink.

But what about the Virgin Mojito? Well, it's exactly the same! There are such strong flavours in the original alcoholic recipe, omitting the rum doesn't radically change anything.

What's even better about this recipe is that it's incredibly versatile and most fresh fruit can be used. Not keen on a strong citrus taste? Use strawberries, raspberries, passionfruit or even lychee instead! Just because they're non-alcoholic drinks doesn't mean you don't have to have some fun.

For sure, the Virgin Mojito is one of the best non-alcoholic drinks to order at a bar, but don't just take our word on it, get out there and try it for yourself!

Ingredients: Fresh lime juice, lime wedges, sugar syrup, mint leaves, soda water

Other variations: Virgin Strawberry Mojito, Raspberry Nojito, Ginger and Lemon Nojito

Get our easy simple syrup for cocktails recipe, so you can start making these non-alcoholic gems from your own living room! 

2. Virgin Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary Hair of the Dog

Fan of cooking a tomato soup? This is the non-alcoholic drink for you! Traditionally made with vodka, the Virgin Bloody Mary is absolutely here to satisfy your savoury cravings.

Whilst this may not be the sort of drink you want to have sitting in your stomach whilst dancing, it's perfect for those in a much more relaxed space. Maybe it's a brunch you're enjoying or maybe it's a midday session in a cocktail bar? This won't matter to this non-alcoholic drink. With excellently balanced flavours and the potential to fill you up, it's great as a sipping drink.

But make sure you find somewhere that's known for their Bloody Mary's. The last thing you want is watery tomato cocktail or something resembling the Dead Sea. That's heresy for us and Mary I of England would certainly not stand for it! Off with their heads!

Ingredients: Tomato juice, Worcester sauce, Tabasco sauce, celery salt, pepper, fresh lime juice

3. Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple mocktail

Continuing on our alcohol-free quest, we've got an absolute classic on the non-alcoholic drinks to order at a bar list... the Shirley Temple!

This is our first recommendation that hasn't derived from an alcoholic cocktail. Inspired by child actress, Shirley Temple, it's been a favourite with mocktail enthusiasts since its creation. These days, the non-alcoholic drink has many variations, however traditionally it was just ginger ale and grenadine. If you've got a sweet tooth, then this is definitely for you!

It owes all of its popularity to the simplicity of the recipe. With just two ingredients, the Temple tantalises taste buds with fiery ginger and a smooth, sweet dose of grenadine. It's a perfect balance of textures and flavours! Drinking alcohol will never be the same again once you try a Shirley Temple.

Ingredients: Grenadine, ginger ale

Other variations: Orange Shirley

4. Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer mocktail

DISCLAIMER: This mocktail tastes much better than it sounds.

With a mixture of tea, lemon juice and sugar syrup, you could be forgiven for believing the Arnold Palmer was a fancy name for iced tea! Well, you wouldn't necessarily be wrong with that assumption. Serving us brewed refreshment vibes, the Arnold Palmer is not just a great non-alcoholic drink, but also a little bit of a detoxifier (minus the sugar). Feel free to add a little club soda to make things fizzy or a lemon syrup to get things more lemony!

However, as for the original recipe, simply build it up in a highball glass and add a straw for a nice glass of cold tea!

Ingredients: English Breakfast tea, fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup

5. Non-Alcoholic Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule

Traditionally served up in stunning copper mugs, the Moscow Mule is a longtime bar favourite. The Mule provides a refreshing, tangy taste to those who enjoy this classic flavour combination.

Now, you might have noticed that the Non-Alcoholic Moscow Mule asks for ginger beer not ale. In respect of the original recipe, this is very important. Ginger beer has a much more authentic ginger taste to it than a ginger ale, as it's brewed with real ginger. It's this strong ginger flavour that's key to a Moscow Mule and its non-alcoholic cousin too! So, remember to stick with the beer.

Try adding a little lemon-lime soda to your Non-Alcoholic Moscow Mule for an even more powerful citrus hit.

Ingredients: Fresh lime juice, ginger beer

Other variations: Grapefruit Mule (made with a little grapefruit juice)

6. Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers

Over half way in our best bar mocktails list and we introduce to you a real all-time classic...

The Roy Rogers is out there for anyone who loves a super sweet cocktail. When we say sweet, we mean Coca-Cola mixed with a fruit syrup kind of sweet. But what of its origins? Well, it's all to do with 'boy drinks' and 'girl drinks'. You see, the Shirley Temple was seen more as a girl's mocktail (the horror), so boys obviously needed an alternative. To differentiate the Rogers from the Temple, they used that famously manly drink, Coca-Cola (probably for its colour). Now, boys across the States could rest easy knowing there was an appropriate boys option for a mocktail.

Anyway, if you really love sweet drinks and really hate the colour pink, the Roy Rogers is the man for you!

Ingredients: Coca-Cola, grenadine

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7. Virgin Piña Colada

Whether you're at the Copacabana or Club Tropicana, a Piña Colada is guaranteed to be on the cocktail menu. But have you tried this tropical beauty without the rum?

Out of all the mocktails on our list, the Virgin Piña Colada is perhaps the expert at recreating the original. One of the best things about a Piña Colada is that the alcohol is masked by a huge symphony of 'coconuty' and 'pineapplely' flavours. It's almost as if you're drinking a delightful smoothie, no?

So, what's stopping you from trying this alcohol-free version? Not only is it great for cocktail parties but also for your liver. You'll get all the tropical fruit vibes without any of the hangover the next day.

This mocktail is perfect, if you like Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain!

Ingredients: Coconut milk, fresh lime juice, pineapple juice, coconut cream, ice

Other variations: Virgin Passion Colada

8. Non-Alcoholic Gin and Tonic

Gin & Tonic

When talking about non-alcoholic drinks to order at the bar, it doesn't always have to be some distant form of the original. Miraculous advances in science has meant we can enjoy our favourite cocktails as they are, minus the alcohol.

We're talking about the recent rise of non-alcoholic spirits! These incredible creations are helping reshape the bartending world and non-alcoholic drinks world too. There are many cocktails out there that are super reliant on the spirit to provide the flavour and essence of the drink. The Gin and Tonic is a great example of this! That famous botanical flavour is hard to replace when it isn't gin. However, the recent release of various 0 % gins means that your favourite summer drink is only a pour away. No more will you have to mix some weird botanical-infused syrup with lemon juice and club soda!

If you're looking for the real deal (minus the alcohol), get on the non-alcoholic spirits quick!

Ingredients: Non-alcoholic gin, tonic water

Other variations: Non-Alcoholic Pink Gin and Tonic

9. No Tequila Sunrise

2 Tequila Sunrise cocktails with straws

Now, we may have called the No Tequila Sunrise "boring" in our 'Cocktails For Beginners' post, but people make mistakes and we're here to set the record straight...

The No Tequila Sunrise is a great drink. Thank you.

Ingredients: Orange juice, grenadine

Other variations: Ginger Sunrise

10. Abstinence On The Beach

Sex On The Beach mocktail

Being one of the most famous (and raunchy) cocktails out there, it's hard to believe the Sex On The Beach can be tamed. But it can!

By omitting the vodka from its recipe, the Sex On The Beach becomes the Abstinence On The Beach. Still retaining its iconic fruity taste, it's a classic fruit juice mocktail! By using cranberry juice, orange juice and a bit of peach puree, this one almost feels like an actual cocktail. Plus, because of the peach purée, your bartender will still have to shake this mocktail up! So, not only will you be getting a delicious non-alcoholic cocktail, but also a great bartending performance, fit for any non-drinker!

A firm favourite with nuns all over the world, the power of Christ compels you to try a bit of Abstinence...

Ingredients: Peach purée, cranberry juice, orange juice

Other variations: Cuddles On The Beach

11. SHAMpagne

Champagne mocktail

Our last suggestion for best mocktails to order, so we should go out with a bang (or pop).

Champagne, Cava and Prosecco are some of the most popular drinks out there, especially at a bottomless brunch (am I right, girlies?). But these aren't non-alcoholic. Yes, you might be able to get a non-alcoholic sparkling wine, however you'll be doing your tastes buds a disservice. Let's try a proper alternative...

The SHAMpagne mocktail is an excellent substitute for Champagne. With a combination of apple juice and ginger beer, it's a close alternative to the famous French drink, without the alcohol. Not only is it sparkling but it also holds that famous Champagne tartness, so you won't be missing out. If you want it just that little bit more acidic in taste, add a bit of lemon juice to give your cheeks a good slapping. You don't have to have the 'proper stuff' to have fun!

Ingredients: Apple juice, ginger beer

Other variations: Pink Champagne mocktail

Mocktails: FAQs

Got some burning mocktail questions? Like 'what is a mocktail?' Here are a few answers...

What is a mocktail?

The online dictionary Merriam-Webster defines a mocktail as, "a usually iced drink made with any of various ingredients (such as juice, herbs, and soda water) but without alcohol : a non-alcoholic cocktail". To put it even more simply, a mocktail is cocktail without the alcohol. 

What is in a mocktail?

Mocktail recipes can contain a whole host of ingredients (excluding alcohol, of course), meaning they're not just juice and lemonade. Yes, mocktails can be made up of fruit juices, herbs, spices, soft drinks and syrups. A whole range of potential!

The most common ingredients in a mocktail are orange juice, ginger beer, grenadine, Coca-Cola and fresh lemon juice. These are your base ingredients that can create some amazingly delicious mocktails. There's a whole world of drink creativity to discover that's been well 

Why do people drink mocktails?

Most often, people drink mocktails because they do not drink alcohol. Mocktails are just alcohol-free cocktails, which means all the fun without the hangover. People may also drink mocktails because of health reasons, like pregnancy. And, irrespective of the reason, they'll still be getting a delicious drink!

Can you drink mocktails whilst pregnant?

Yes. Bar mocktails are non-alcoholic drinks, so are perfectly fine to drink for those who are pregnant. However, do make sure grapefruit juice drink recipes contain pasteurised grapefruit juice and not fresh, to ensure it's completely safe.

Is it easy to make mocktails at home?

Yes! Mocktails are super easy to make at home. Maybe you'll need the odd bar tool, such as a cocktail shaker, but as long as you have the ingredients, you're good to go!

Final thoughts

So, as you can see, going alcohol-free within an alcoholic environment is full of potential. Yes, you might be glugging quite a bit of ginger beer, grenadine and fruit juice over the night, but they're still cocktails!

And if this list of mocktails to order at a bar shows anything, it's that you can still have loads of fun without booze!

Now that you're completely clued up on what is a mocktail, are you ready to go professional? Our bartender course offers you the chance to become as a bartender in just 4 weeks! (You'll learn alcoholic recipes, too, by the way!)