After returning from a trip around Asia, 21-year old travel enthusiast and content creator Estelle Berglin was looking for a new adventure. Combining her love for exploring, meeting people from around the globe and bartending, she decided to take our International Bartender Course in Phuket, Thailand.

From memorising cocktail recipes and daily tests to partying with new friends, we caught up with Estelle to hear all about her experience at European Bartender School.

Joining the EBS Family

Arriving in Phuket, thousands of miles away from home, Estelle wasn’t too sure what to expect. Fortunately, she felt at home straight away thanks to the friendly atmosphere, welcoming instructors and sociable course mates.

“Living with people from different places around the world definitely helps you grow as a person. Everyone is excited, they have a common interest and they want to help each other. It’s tough doing the EBS course but it’s also fun. You’re supporting each other and you become a little bit like a family, so that’s definitely a different experience I wasn’t expecting from EBS.”

Discovering the Wonderful World of Bartending

Our International Bartender Course provides a steep learning curve for budding bartenders. In one month, we prepare students with all the skills they need to go out there and start a successful career in today’s competitive industry. Reflecting on her experience, Estelle told us how intense, challenging but truly rewarding the course was. So much so that when she found out she passed the course, she burst into tears of happiness!

“You learn so much during that one month, it’s crazy. You learn everything from how you make the cocktails to flairing…You basically learn everything you need to know about bartending and alcohol and liqueurs and everything like that.”

A Fun-filled Course

Although the course requires hard work and dedication, we do everything we can to make sure you have fun while you learn. Estelle told us about her favourite part of the course:

“I really liked the end of the days, we had these live bars where our teaching are pouring real drinks and the pressure of the day was off because we’d already had the test. Everyone would gather round, we’d listen to some music and we’d get to try out the drinks that we made, so that was definitely my favourite part.”

At the end of the course, Estelle and her new-found friends went out with a bang at the graduation party.

“The graduation night was insane. Everyone eats dinner together and then we go out partying together. It’s such an amazing feeling because everyone is so happy that we made it.”

A Global Network of Friends for Life

Our students come from all corners of the world. While living in the wonderful EBS Phuket villa complete with a swimming pool, jacuzzi and tiki bar, Estelle formed close bonds with her coursemates. In fact, she’s still in touch with a few of them as well as her instructors.

“Everyone follows each other on Instagram as well so it’s fun to see what everyone is up to. Everyone is also travelling around so if you happen to be in the same place then you can meet and it’s really nice.”

Something for Everyone

According to Estelle, the course offers something for everyone...

“Joining EBS is something very different from anything else that you can do. If you’re interested in bartending... EBS is an absolutely amazing thing to do. If you’re not interested it the same time it’s really fun. So if you like travelling, meeting people and bartending then I feel like it’s the perfect thing to do and you won’t regret it.”

If you like the idea of traveling to new places, meeting like-minded people and learning all the skills you need to become a bartender, find out more about our bartending school now!