Searching for the perfect summer cocktail? Give your classic mojitos an upgrade with this fruity strawberry mojito recipe.


Let’s face it. We could all use something to sweeten up summer 2020. Thankfully, we’ve had plenty of time to whip up some cocktails over the past few months. And one of our favourites of this year has to be the strawberry mojito. Long, refreshing and fruity, this is the perfect spin on the classic summer cocktail. So if you’ve already tried our regular mojito recipe and want to spice things up a bit, here’s how to make a strawberry mojito – EBS style.

Strawberry mojito ingredients:


Strawberry mojito ingredients like strawberry, lime and mint over a white table

Fresh, natural flavours are the star of the show in every mojito. So when you go and hunt for your strawberry mojito ingredients, remember – the fresher the better.

Here’s what you’ll need…

(Makes 1 cocktail)

  • 1 highball glass
  • 1 scoop of crushed ice
  • 4 lime wedges
  • 20ml (¾ oz) sugar syrup
  • 60ml light rum
  • 15ml strawberry liqueur
  • 8-12 mint leaves (+ extra for garnish)
  • 3-4 strawberries cut into quarters
  • A few dashes of soda water (just to top the glass up)


Step 1:

Pop the lime and the mint in your highball glass and muddle them together. If you don’t have a highball glass, no worries – just use any tall, strong glass that you have in your kitchen. To make the perfect strawberry mint mojito, it’s important to get the muddling right. If you over-muddle the mint, the cocktail will turn out bitter. And if you don’t muddle it enough, the flavours won’t come through. Just gently ‘mash’ the ingredients a few times with a muddler or wooden spoon (without turning it into a paste).

Step 2:

Get a scoop of crushed ice and fill the glass about ¾ of the way up. Cubed ice won’t give you the same result, so either buy it pre-crushed or crush it yourself with a blender. Or just with a tea towel and something sturdy. Because crushed ice has a larger surface area, your strawberry mojito will stay cooler for longer.

Step 3:

Add your rum over the ice. For this strawberry mojito (and any mojito for that matter), it’s important to use a light rum, like Havana or Bacardi. A lighter flavour will enhance the citrus and mint, but a heavy rum will just overpower everything. If you want to make this non-alcoholic, just skip this step.

Step 4:

Pour in your sugar syrup. Even though cane sugar is the traditional mojito go-to, it doesn’t blend well into the drink, so the flavour almost always ends up imbalanced. With a syrup, you’ll get a perfectly mixed drink with no crunchy layer of sugar at the bottom of the glass.

Step 5:

Add your strawberry liqueur and fruit pieces. You can add more or less depending on the size of your strawberries, but we’d recommend using between two and four.

Step 6:

Give it all a stir with a long bar spoon. The flat base will make sure all the ingredients mix together nicely, but be careful not to crush the strawberries into a pulp. If you’ve got a nice pink colour and you can see a good distribution of mint and lime, you’ve probably just made a great strawberry mojito.

This simple but effective cocktail is always a winner at parties, bars or even just at home. So if you’re looking to impress your friends or family, give this delicious strawberry mojito recipe a go.

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