As an EBS Paris graduate himself, Alexandre is certainly living proof of our students’ adaptability with his experience in 6 diverse Paris bars. Alexandre, from Normandy, took the International Bartender Course in 2016 to specialise in cocktail making and progress from his then role of waiter in a local restaurant. 

And that’s exactly what he did. Upon graduating from the course with impressive grades, the Paris school instructors offered Alexandre both a job and accommodation - a great propulsion directly into the bartending industry! Connections are key in the world of hospitality, as Alexandre proved again later on when the owners of the bar Mermaids and Divers - where he was working at the time - recommended him as manager of Ferailleurs, another popular bar down Rue de Lappe - one of Paris’ most famous party streets.

Over the course of 7 years, Alexandre has evolved as a bartender and is proud to state that he still has the same passion (if not more!) for drinks making that he started with. Today, Alexander works as Head Bartender at La Résistance in Le Marais, an intimate bar with unique cocktails and refined light bites. Alexandre’s maintained enthusiasm for bartending stems from the freedom he is given in mixing up new combinations and also the friendly atmosphere cultivated by customers open to trying his concoctions. 

On top of this, Alexandre also forms part of the Hubertus Circle, an international group of top bartenders representing Jägermeister. They recently released a ‘Global Tiki’ book that refreshes tiki recipes with the incorporation of various regional products and, of course, a few dashes of Jäger. With this penchant for developing his own recipes, Alexandre’s dream would be opening his own bar and letting his creativity run wild.


Watch the full interview with Alexandre to find out more about his journey


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