On July 13th 2023, the Spanish and international tourism industry gathered at Malaga Automobile and Fashion Museum for the XII edition of the La Razón Tourism Awards. Aside from mingling with numerous distinguished guests (EBS included), the ceremony was a chance to celebrate an outstanding year for tourism.

La Razon Tourism Awards

The La Razón Tourism Awards recognise and highlight the quality of work carried out in the tourist sector - and are given to various destinations and companies in recognition of their excellence in promoting and developing Spanish tourism.

This year, the city of Malaga hosted the prestigious Awards, while journalist Roberto Brasero presented the ceremony that was attended by many entrepreneurs, cultural representatives and politicians. The award categories included:

  • Destinations
  • Accommodation
  • Cruises and entertainment
  • Tourist services

And it was in the last category that European Bartender School scooped its gong; taking home the Award for Excellence and Training Development for their significant impact in developing the mixology industry.

Vicente Vidal, EBS General Manager, accepted the award and conveyed his delight at the win: “This award recognises the quality of the education programme and more than two decades devoted to student excellence.

The prize is also a boost for us here at European Bartender School and we have exciting plans for the future. We are committed to opening new schools so that training can reach every destination and place where they are not yet present.

We are also working tirelessly to promote, expand and grow the bartender profession. To that end, we need to be at the forefront of the industry and adapt to the needs of the students”.


Who is European Bartender School (EBS)?

EBS is the biggest bartending school in the world, and has made its mark on the mixology industry with an innovative educational approach. It has over 20 years of experience, unbeatable global significance and over 25 schools around the world, three of which are in Spain (MadridBarcelona and Mallorca).

The programmes, designed by experts in the sector, are a must for those seeking to stand out in the competitive world of bartending. For example, the four-week International Bartender Course has been carefully designed to provide students with the skills and abilities they need.

All students do practical and theory training, which will enable them to develop a successful career in bartending. They also learn everything from the most sophisticated mixing techniques to the art of presentation. However, EBS not only offers exceptional education; it is proud to offer a unique life experience as well.

The lively, collaborative atmosphere, combined with the opportunity to establish connections with a global network of over 80,000 graduates, instructors and mentors in the sector, makes the EBS experience unrivalled. Their aim is to revolutionise the hospitality industry. To do that, they give their students the most comprehensive, cutting-edge bartending programmes in the world.

Their passionate approach and unwavering dedication to educational excellence make EBS the perfect destination for aspiring mixologists.

European Bartender School: Skills for life

Since it was established in 1999, EBS has experienced incredible growth, making it the world leader in its sector. Today, it operates in 5 continents and has trained around 80,000 students - and the locations of the schools, in exceptional spots such as Sydney, Cape Town, Barcelona and New York give students an experience that is difficult to forget, as well as bartending skills for life. 

This latest win has strengthened their commitment to continue offering the best quality training and a transformative experience for their students.

Congratulations to EBS and all the other winners! We’ll see you next year…