What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Dublin? It’s probably the vast variety Dublin nightlife and pubs in the city!

Dublin is famous for hosting some of the best traditional pubs and not only in Ireland but the world. Its mix of heritage and party nightlife is why many people fall in love with the city.

Did you know that 850 million litres of Guinness are sold every year? That’s 1.5 billion pints!

With the Irish pub so deeply embedded in history and tradition, we’ve done our research to find you some of the best traditional pubs in Dublin that you need to visit next time you’re in the city:

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dublin street

The Long Hall

The Long Hall, having been established in the 1860s, is a pub deeply rooted in Dublin’s community.

The pub itself retains its Victorian charm with its authentic wooden beams, glass panels, and quaint decorations. And with a wide selection of local and international craft beers on tap, who could turn refuse an invite?

The Stag’s Head

You know you’ve walked into the right bar when there’s a large deer head on the wall. Don’t be frightened, you’ve just walked into the famous Stag’s Head: another landmark pub in Dublin city.

Because of its historic and quaint atmosphere, it has made many notable screen appearances in productions like Educating Rita and the TV series Penny Dreadful.


If you want the full Irish character go to O’Donogue’s. O’Donogue’s is rich in heritage and is loved by everyone for its live music; seven nights a week, a legend on the Dublin nightlife scene!

O’Donogue’s is rich in heritage and is loved by everyone for its live music; seven nights a week, a legend on the Dublin nightlife scene!

In Irish culture, music is an oral tradition that has been passed down generations and is much celebrated by the Irish. It doesn’t get more traditional than sitting in a pub listing to Irish music with a glass of true Irish Guinness.


tonrs pub dublin

If the title of the “Best Traditional Pub in Dublin” doesn’t say it all, Toner’s authentic features will.

The old stock drawers, glazed cabinets, and brass bar taps are just some of the features that make this the perfect destination if you want to experience a traditional Irish night out.

Have you been before? Visit @tonerspub and Toners Pub Facebook.

(It even hosted Mumford & Sons as the winner of the best local pub for a pint of Guinness!)

The Palace Bar

As a pocket of the past, The Palace Bar holds fast as one of the best traditional pubs in Dublin.

Built in 1823, its bar taps have pulled many pints of Guinness in its time. With The Irish Times offices located less than 3 minutes away, it became an old haunt for many literary names and journalists.

It was even the birthplace of the Crosaire- the Irish crossword as well as being a must on your tour of Dublin Nightlife!

The Brazen Head

Did you know that The Brazen Head is the oldest pub in Ireland?

It was established in 1198- now that’s what you call old! The building- down to every brick- still remains today.

Decorated in the exact same style as when it was first erected, The Brazen Head is where you go to listen to live traditional Irish music and munch on some great food in the same building as some of “Dublin’s greats” once did.

The Temple Bar

the temple bar in dublin

Situated in a district in Dublin famed for its lively Dublin nightlife, The Temple Bar has taken centre stage as a popular traditional pub to visit when in Dublin.

Despite the flood of tourists, it’s still a favourite amongst the locals. It might have something to do with the fact that it boasts some of the best live music in the area and, of course, they pull a great pint of gat (Guinness)!

If you have a favourite bar in Dublin that you think should be added to the list, let us know!