Craft beers have absolutely exploded onto the drinks market in recent years. So much so that finding the best craft beers is a monumental task. Britain is home to some of the best craft beer creations on offer, so staying at home is recommendable.

Come and let us introduce to you Britain’s top 9 craft beers. Inspired by method, geography and ingredients, join us up and down the country and discover the best of Britain!


1. Dead Pony Club

Brewdog Dead Pony Club

This would hardly be a ‘best craft beers’ list without a BrewDog. Their very, very extensive list of craft beers produced means everyone can be satisfied. Here, we’ve decided to give an exclusive place on our list to Dead Pony Club.

Inspired by US pale ales, the American hops within it give it a really aromatic profile of citrus and zestiness. It’s at the lower end of ABV at just 3.8%, meaning the flavours have a real chance to come through. Pour out one of these little golden boys and be prepared to abandon convention lager forever. Finally!


2. Camden Pale Ale 

Camden Hells Lager

Straight out of the LDN, Camden Town Brewery has exploded in the last 10 years, selling over 20 million pints. It’s one of the fastest growing craft breweries in the UK. Heading to an indie, alternative bar? You’ll probably find their work on draught.

Back onto the craft beers, the Camden Pale Ale is a truly safe choice. We mean this is the best way possible, by the way. It won’t let you down. Dry and fruity, it’s a perfect refreshing drink. Its light body too means you can enjoy its flavour in more than just one pint. An absolute winner in our eyes!


3. Toast Pale Ale

Toast Pale Ale

Not too far away from Camden lies Holborn, home to Toast Brewery. This is our most unique craft beer on our list (even for the craft beer world) because it’s made from bread. We can only praise the person or people who came up with the name. Good job! So far, they’ve saved 2.6 million slices of bread from the bin and instead made some brilliant craft beers out of them.

But what about the beer? Well, it’s really good. Toast Pale Ale is delightfully well-balanced with subtle hints of caramel and citrus. Serving you sweet and tangy for your pleasure, that won't overwhelm the senses. With this craft beer, you’re not only treating yourself but cutting down on food waste too. Win-win!

Get ‘bready’ to save the world…


4. Northern Monk Eternal

Northern Monk Eternal

Ⓒ Tom Joy Photo

Leeds has been put firmly on the microbrewery map with the craft beer Northern Monk Eternal. Voted best craft beer in one of the world beer awards (World Beer Cup), it’s a perfect choice for those looking for a light and refreshing drink.

As beer styles go, Eternal is a session IPA, pleasuring your tongue with sweet, tropic fruit flavours. Finish this off with a cool, crisp finish and it would be weird if you weren’t asking for more! Also, special shout out to the designer of the can artwork, it’s one of the best we’ve seen.


5. Siren Calypso

Siren Craft Brew

Heading down south to Wokingham, Berkshire we find Siren Craft Brewery. Influenced by the Berliner-style sour beers, Siren Calypso is a tantalising craft beer. For beer styles, it can be a hit or miss, but we think this is definitely a hit!

Quench your thirst with this tart, light-bodied sour craft beer. With a citrus-lead aroma, the spritzy texture and nice sharp bite, it’s not one for those ‘just one beer’ nights out.


6. The Blandford Fly

Thankfully we’re not talking about that little devil insect, but in fact a great golden ale from the south. Described as ‘uniquely sweet and spicy’ by the producers (Badger Beers), this craft beer was made to impress! Looking for something to wake you up? Something with a crisp finish? Something interesting and unique? The Blandford Fly is for you! Sip the tastes of the Dorset countryside with this one…

7. Railway Porter

Railway Porter Beer

A full five points out of five go to this classic London-style porter by Five Points Brewery. See what we did there? Tucked in the south-east corner of the UK, in Kent, lies the home of the Railway Porter. This is our darkest craft beer on the list and completely worthy of its mention as one of the best craft beers.

It’s quite the opposite of other craft beer mentions on this list. The flavour profile of this dark beer is made up of roasted coffee and dark chocolate. This full-bodied joy is a great addition to a cold winter’s day. With such deep, mature flavours, it’s bound to warm the cockles.


8. Magik Best Bitter

As craft beers go, Magik has some humble beginnings, starting as a homemade beer. Since it's formation, the Keltek Brewery has gone on to become an international and award-winning brand. This Cornish company are the producers of Magik Bitter, a delicious hand-brewed bitter. Even if you’re not a fan of bitters, this is well worth a try. Deep malty notes with a hint of bitterness encapsulate this craft beer making it a drink for the beer lovers. It's not unfair or crazy to say that this could be the best export of Cornwall, even more so than the iconic Cornish pasty (or a close second at least). 

Plus, what’s better than drinking hand-brewed, local alcohol? Very hipstery indeed.


9. Golden Sheep Ale

Arriving to us from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, Golden Sheep Ale is one for those who love a dry finish. Black Sheep Brewery’s best seller, this ale introduces you to a citrusy and tangy world of ale. Imagine yourself sitting alongside the river Nidd on one those hot British summer days with rays of sunlight dancing through this golden beauty onto the bench. Pure northern bliss!


Now you have the lowdown needed on the Britain's best craft beers, what are you waiting for? Look outside because it's either beautiful blue skies or raining, and there's a beer here for both of those occasions! 


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