Developing your professional skills on a Greek island is nice, but the opportunity to do so for free is even nicer! 

Meet Temmuz, the winner of EBS’ first International Bartender Course giveaway. This bartending fanatic from Turkey hopped across the Aegean Sea to the beautiful island of Kos for 4 weeks of top-notch training. 


“Let me tell you it was just the best experience of my life!”

It was a pleasure to welcome Temmuz onto the course and watch her passion and skill set grow steadily day by day. Temmuz’s interest in all things cocktail sparked from often visiting her father’s bar. During her summer free time, she began to volunteer at festivals to learn the ropes in a relaxed environment whilst bopping to her favourite artists. So, it was during her training in Greece this May that Temmuz really leveled up! She tells us:

It’s not just all fun and games, I’m going to be honest. There is lots of learning to do as well [...] We have to memorise 6 recipes and then we have an exam every morning on those 6 recipes and also the theory and the history parts that we’re learning in the masterclasses.”  

Talk about thirsty work! 


“The instructors are so good at teaching you, so understanding and very patient with us so thank you!”

Temmuz formed strong bonds with her instructors (despite any height differences!) and saw how bartenders always have each others' backs.

Check out this pic of Temmuz shaking up a storm behind the bar.

Temmuz may look confident here, but she admits that the final exams did have her a little nervous.


 “I’m just speechless because I didn’t think I would pass…” 

temmuz holding certificate graduation

But, of course, she did! All went well and Temmuz passed her exams. And, by the looks of that bucket in her hand, she went on to celebrate big time, sipping on her success. It’s clear that Temmuz soaked up the sea, sun, and some serious bartending knowledge - ready to move up in the hospitality game as a proud holder of an EBS certificate


The next steps for this glad grad

When I came back home, I started making cocktails for my friends at home parties, and I made a small home bar for myself and started making classics like Mojito, Southside, Margarita, Paloma, etc. I’m also trying to come up with my own cocktails with the ingredients I have at home. I have a full-time job at the moment, but I’m thinking of starting bartending part-time and eventually turn it into a career if I find myself successful enough in the field.” 

Sounds like a solid plan to us: approaching an exciting career one delicious drink at a time. EBS thanks Temmuz for the positive energy she brought on the course and wishes her all the best with her future plans.

If you’re feeling as lucky as her, why not enter our current International Bartender Course giveaway? Find the full details on our Instagram account @europeanbartenderschool.