Working in the world of coffee has become very fashionable. As any Italian will tell you, it’s not just about operating machines, it’s a labour of love. That’s what makes being a barista such an accessible career. It’s easy to become a barista with no experience; what’s important is passion, you can pick up the tricks of the trade quickly on the job. Keep reading to find out what you need to know to become a barista in 2022...

What Is a Barista?

At EBS Barista Academy, we like to think of baristas as coffee sommeliers: people who know anything and everything about the preparation, extraction, and administration of coffee-based beverages. Not only do they guarantee a top-quality drink, but also an excellent purchasing and consumption experience. To put it simply, baristas are coffee geeks who want to welcome you into their cafes and spread their caffeinated joy.  

How to Become a Barista in 2022?

Be Passionate about Coffee

Pretty self-explanatory, really. If you’re going to be working with coffee every day, you have to love it! Every customer’s request should be considered an opportunity to produce your best version of that drink yet. A fascination with coffee is necessary to drive you to discover more and more about these rich beans and their potential. Constantly striving to learn more about the history or current trends in coffee production will no doubt help you to keep improving as a barista. Besides, what’s worse than a bored barista? If you don’t seem enthusiastic about what you’re making, why would anyone want to buy it from you and drink it?

Two baristas behind the bar enjoying their craft

Be a People Person

Going to buy a well-made coffee is a little luxury, a pick-me-up to brighten a person’s day between work hours or running errands. So friendliness is key. Don’t be that grumpy barista who spoils everyone’s moment of indulgence. You’ll be welcoming in customers all day, so having a chatty personality is necessary to spark a personal connection with each individual you meet and make ordering a pleasant interaction for both parties. There’s nothing less inspiring than repeating “what size do you want that?” on autopilot... On the contrary, you should be open and willing to share your knowledge with customers - describing the raw materials, the process you’re using, and how that will affect what they taste in the cup as the final product.

Have an Ethical Conscience

Each day, coffee is enjoyed by thousands of first-world citizens - at a very small cost to their purses whilst often at a very large cost to the quality of life of the developing-world farmers who grow it. As a barista, whose life revolves around making a living off beverages produced from this coveted good, it is only correct that you ascertain the origin of your beans and the working conditions on those plantations. Whether you’re a barista or just a regular coffee-drinker, it is vital to choose a coffeehouse that only buys Fairtrade beans, meaning that the workers producing them are paid sufficiently for their efforts and earn enough to provide for themselves and their families.

Get Professional Training

To go straight into a top role or even open your own coffee shop, you’ll need to already know your stuff and be comfortable with the typical equipment. Only by taking a course will you be able to learn in-depth the fascinating history and chemistry of coffee, as well as getting valuable practical experience of different preparation methods. Don’t worry, though - becoming a master doesn’t require years of studying. You can pick up everything you need to know in under a week. In fact, the Barista Course at EBS Barista Academy is just five days of intense coffee appreciation and then you’re ready to achieve your barista dreams! You’ll cover brewing methods, latte art, coffee flair, and much more. Alternatively, a good introductory option for those with busy schedules would be our one-day Coffee Course.

So, fellow coffee devotees, those are the four main requirements to become a barista in 2022.
Of course, there are also the general skills that make a good hospitality worker - hygiene, ability to multitask, quick mental maths - that you should polish. Once you’ve landed a job at your favourite coffeehouse, you’ll see how fulfilling the barista life can be. You get to chat to somebody new every day and serve them a brew that’ll put a smile on their face, how nice is that?! Not to mention that you have all the ingredients in front of you to make as many coffees as you want throughout your shift… Good luck with your career, and, to all the real coffee aficionados, we’ll see you at our Academy soon! ?