EBS is delighted to welcome Global Ambassador for the rum category Ian Burrell onto its revered panel of bartending brainiacs and spirit specialists!

Ian has been voted one of the top 10 most influential people in the World Drinks industry and has travelled all seven continents to disseminate his top-tier spirit knowledge. Standing out among Ian’s lengthy list of awards are his titles of ‘International Brand Ambassador 2018’ (Spirited Awards - Tales of the Cocktail conference, New Orleans), ‘Rum’s Champion’ (Think Rum - Agile Media, London), and 2014 “Guinness World Record” holder for organising the largest-ever rum tasting. Events are clearly Ian’s forte, and, as the pioneer of the world’s first international rum festival in 2007, he has inspired the creation of similar celebrations in Miami, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Prague, Hong Kong, California, New York, Chicago and Mauritius. Ian is devoted to sharing his wisdom and know-how, forging a role for himself as an “edu-trainer” through the delivery of keynote speeches, spirit presentations, and even appearing as a cocktail specialist on the well-known UK television show Sunday Brunch.

Although it seems like Ian was born to represent rum, his entry into the bartending industry was almost by chance. Ian was studying at drama school at the time, and took up a part-time job in a bar to support himself. He quickly became fascinated by the world of drinks and soon decided to pursue his newfound interest full-time. This meant travelling to plantations, distilleries, and meeting people in the know to develop his now expansive knowledge of the sugarcane spirit.

Jumping forward in time, today, EBS students have the privilege of learning from Ian’s years of experience. Following in the footsteps of our existing Board members, Ian will pour his valuable insights into the course syllabi and textbooks that students receive on arrival at the schools.

As the all-knowing ambassador that he is, Ian affirms that rum is the most diverse spirit category in the world. He explains, “Rum is made in many different ways, in many different countries. All I want to do is share that knowledge with fellow bartenders and people in the industry to empower them to become better rum experts, passing this on to their customers."

Want to get to know Ian better? Check his socials listed below.


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