Have you ever wondered how the barista at your favourite coffee shop pours out a perfect leaf on top of your morning brew? It's called latte art! And now you've got the chance to learn it from industry experts...

European Bartender School is offering a latte art class as part of the comprehensive 5-day barista course, in which students will understand what it takes to become a professional barista.

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Learn how to make latte art professionally

Barista doing latte art

Since the early days of coffee culture, coffee has been given a little bit of spice - and we don’t just mean with cinnamon flavouring!

Enter latte art, a technique that has taken the internet (and cafes worldwide) by storm. It's a pretty technical skill so it's worth looking into latte art training if you want to perfect it!

Are you a latte art enthusiast? Do you want to know how to do latte art?

We’ve created our new barista course where you can learn all you want to know about coffee and the latte art trend. Once you've completed the barista course, you'll be able to pour stunning patterns into a coffee, that will amaze your friends!

It won't be just your barista that can create stunning works of art in a cup, it'll be you!

European Bartender School Barista Course

Barista doing latte art in cup of coffee

So, what else will you learn on our barista course, apart from latte art?

Well, it's a little deeper than turning on the Nespresso machine... You'll be getting a full education in what it takes to be a barista. From coffee roasting to milk frothing to preventing a sour espresso, you'll get the whole barista package...

Book the course in one of our European barista schools to learn:

  • About coffee and its origins

  • The best latte art techniques

  • Best customer service practices

  • Making Espresso Perfetto foam and beautifully textured milk

  • All the coffee and milk, espresso coffee and cappuccino varieties

Soon you'll could find yourself behind the counter, working as a professional barista in your favourite coffee shop, where you can pour latte art out professionally!

Want to take the big step into the barista industry? Finesse your latte art skills on one of our barista courses.