Now that the international month of Pride is here, European Bartender School would like to take the opportunity to remind the world that diversity in bartending can only be a positive force, driving the industry towards more inventive, innovative, and impressive concoctions and techniques. The more bartenders from different backgrounds with contrasting identities and alternative ways of thinking, the more wacky recipes and showstopping flair moves to be conceived!

At EBS, we feel it is our duty to take advantage of our large, widespread community to prove that there is no such thing as a “typical” bartender persona nor any prescribed aesthetic that accompanies it. We wholeheartedly encourage anyone to enter into the sector and are delighted to give them visibility both in our schools and on our platforms, motivating others to share in our cocktail-mixing passion - regardless of their gender, sexuality, or individuality.

We are therefore extremely excited to take our expressions of support for the LGBTQIA+ community to the next level this June, rising high above homophobia and all gender-identity-based discrimination.

The rainbow logo

Our first act of commitment to the cause is giving our logo a rainbow revamp! We want the colours of inclusivity to light up our social media accounts and radiate a sense of security to current, previous, and prospective students.

EBS Logo revamp for pride

Turn the volume up!


Secondly, it would be downright selfish not to share our banging Pride playlist that blasts out across the office each Priday. What is Priday? we hear you ask… Each Friday is a celebration of all things queer and you can catch us waving our rainbow flags with gusto as we begin our weekly company zoom meeting. Why? Because we strongly believe that incorporating small acts of acceptance into our weekly routines is an effective way of changing mentalities and normalising topics that have been unjustly stigmatised. So join us as an ally, match our vibe, and get down to this empowering line-up of anthems that were cherry-picked by our team members for their extraordinary capacity to inspire us to be who we want to be uber-confidently and unapologetically!

We will also be making an effort to amp up our Pride actions for June on our social media accounts, so go get involved by interacting with our LGBTQIA+ -flavoured Instagram stories!

Rainbow shots recipe

To conclude this blog, we would like to offer you a drink - it’s simply not our style to leave our friends thirsty. Below, we present to you the recipe for our Pride-inspired Rainbow Shots so that you can recreate it and ingest a healthy dose of sweet self-love in your own home.  


How did your version turn out? Nailed the colour separation or still need some practice? Polish all the core skills you will ever need as a bartender by booking our world-leading International Bartender Course in 1 of our 25+ awesome locations. You bring the enthusiasm, we’ll supply the equipment!