An epicurean experience in the heart of Barcelona 

Naming a festival Bon Vivant certainly makes some big, enticing promises. So what can we expect from an occasion that celebrates ‘living well’?

Bon vivant
“A person who enjoys good food and wines and likes going to restaurants and parties.” 
Cambridge Online Dictionary.

In short, guests with tickets to the festival were searching for entertainment for both their minds and palates. And the Bon Vivant Festival 2023 did not disappoint. This new 5-day celebration went down as smoothly as a well-stirred Negroni. Cocktails were drunk, knowledge was shared, and fun was had by all in the distinctive Modernist space of Casa Rius.  



Not to mention countless good memories and a healthy sprinkling of parties. Drinks were flowly freely at all events, a selection of delicious custom cocktails mixed up with top-notch spirits from sponsors Hendrick’s, Hennessy, and Monkey Shoulder.

Over the 5 days, guests had the opportunity to attend seminars from bartending bosses such as the maestro Salvatore Calabrese, Bar Paradiso owner Giacomo Giannotti, and Global Head of Ambassadors at William Grant & Sons Charlotte Voisey. Whatever your niche might have been, it was covered. We heard about every hot topic in hospitality - from sustainable bar practices to competition coaching.

Notable takeovers included World Flair Champion Tom Dyer’s guest shift at Mariposa Negra and Global Rum Ambassador Ian Burrell’s guest shift at Bar Paradiso. We were extremely proud to see EBS Board of Education members performing in their element! Find the complete Bon Vivant 2023 events round-up here.

And what better place to inaugurate this thirsty festival than the Catalan capital? Gavin Wrigley, Head of Education at EBS, comments: 

“Barcelona has long been an absolute powerhouse for cocktails and, with the recent flurry of awards in the city, it has cemented itself as a global leader, on par with London and New York. The Bon Vivant Festival is a celebration of cocktails, hospitality, culture, good living, and more than anything, people. Barcelona is long overdue for a global cocktail festival on a grand scale and the Bon Vivant Festival is here to bring the community together with the biggest names and events in Europe!” 

The community was made up by a great variety of individuals: industry experts, cocktail enthusiasts, EBS graduates and instructors, local bar owners, to name a few. Here are some favourite moments shared by festival goers.

“My favourite part was to meet all my idols. It was so inspirational to see all of them do what they love.” 

“The seminar from Salvatore Calabrese; it was amazing to hear him speak. I feel very inspired and I’m looking forward to my journey as a bartender.”

“It was great to see the community come together and everyone share the love for hospitality and bartending. So, I’m looking forward to seeing who’s coming next year!”

There is no doubt that the first Bon Vivant Festival was a spirit-filled success. It was a pleasure for EBS to represent its schools and support an event so neatly aligned with its educational mission and admiration for the hospitality industry. We look forward to the 2024 festival!