Since Barcelona is the EBS destination that ties together beach life, the bartending profession and the call of the big city like no other EBS destination, it’s time for a countdown. Barcelona’s nightlife is rich and unlike any other European city, so here’s six of our favorite cocktail and clubbing venues in Barcelona:


This monstrous club's five distinct spaces form the night-time playground of seemingly all young Barcelona. There's indie rock in Razz Club, tech-house in The Loft, techno pop in Lolita, electro pop in the Pop Bar and electro rock in the Rex Room. Live acts run from Arctic Monkeys to Banarama. The price of admission will usually get you into all five rooms (no matter what's on in each), though the gigs are normally ticketed separately.

Sala Apolo

Sala Apolo, one of Barcelona's most popular clubs, is a 1940s dancehall, with all that implies for atmosphere (good) and acoustics (bad). Live acts range from Toots & the Maytals to Killing Joke, but note that buying tickets for the band doesn't include admission to the club night: you'll need to re-enter for that, and pay an extra charge. On Wednesdays, the DJs offer African and Latin rhythms; on Thursdays, it's funk, Brazilian, hip hop and reggae; and Fridays and Saturdays are an extravaganza of bleeping electronica.



The latest from Berlin's minimal electro scene reaches Barcelona via this uptown concert hall. After the live shows by local rock stars or international indie success stories, a packed and music-loving crowd throbs to sophisticated electronica and its bizarre attendant visuals. Upstairs, in the Red Room, DJs playing indie pop rock provide an alternative to the pounding beats of the main room.

7 Sins Lounge


I’ve seen my share of Seven, the horrific movie with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, and I’m pretty sure that drinking too much wasn’t one of the sins in that movie. So I guess you’re okay at the 7 sins lounge when you enjoy their cocktails. Great staff, baroque interior, and do go upstairs for the cocktails! There’s regular events downstairs and the crowd is a mixed one. Great place to check out and enjoy an expert cocktail before moving to a bigger club.

Boutique Bar at the Ohla Hotel

bou bar
Let’s warn you right away that the Ohla Hotel is an oasis of minimalist chic smack bang in the heart of Barcelona. This means premium pricing, and while we are big fans of the integrated bar in the hotel, none of us have stayed at the Ohla themselves. The Boutique Bar however is deeply stylish, the walls covered with blonde wood shelves, the bar is back-lit and inviting, with views of Via Laietana Avenue. There’s an award-winning mixologist swinging his scepter, and the other bartenders really do know their stuff as well. With opening times up until the early hours, we recommend you try this place at least once.

Dry Martini Bar


Somewhat of a local institution, it’s called the Dry Martini Bar and well, if you’re wondering what to order, the clue is in the name. This place is something of a shrine to the Martini. And, damn, they really know how to make other drinks too. Opened in 1978 under the auspices of their maestro Pedro Carbonell (who still holds the reins) and part of the Javier de las Muelas empire, Dry Martini has a great staff, an abundance of dark wood and a ridiculous amount of bottles. Order any Martini, and watch as your drink is made with the skill and care that underlies the whole venue’s philosophy. They’ve served over a million martinis here, and counting.

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