Trying to find that perfect tequila for a birthday present or a party? Tequila prices vary a lot, so searching for the best tequila can be a long and difficult process. With this tequila price guide, you can easily find yourself a tequila for any occasion…


How much does tequila cost?

Unfortunately, the answer is not clear. With so many different styles, production and brands, it means there is no definite answer. However, with our tequila prices guide, here, you will be able to find a range of tequilas at different prices. Our 10 suggestions below cover all the styles and a wide range of prices...

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Three bottles of tequila with citrus

Tequila price guide

Price range: £20-£40

Tequila Price Range £20-£40
Name Brand ABV Style Average price Origin Volume
Jose Cuervo Especial Jose Cuervo 38% Reposado £20-£25 Mexico 70cl
Ocho Tequila Ocho 40% Blanco £20-£30 Mexico 50cl
Calle 23 Añejo Calle 23 40% Añejo £25-£40 Mexico 70cl

In the middle of this price bracket, we suggest the Ocho Tequila for a reasonable price of roughly £20-£30 per 70cl bottle. It’s by far the best tequila at this price, developed by a restaurateur who spent years travelling to Mexico to source the best tequilas. He eventually brewed his own with the blue agave plant, to which Ocho was the result. This blanco tequila is great for mixing in cocktails and for sipping. It can be found on most online spirit specialists. 

The Calle 23 Añejo Tequila comes out as one of the favourites in this price range amongst tequila experts. What’s most surprising about this tequila is that the creator doesn’t have a background in tequila making but rather in Cognac. This Añejo juxtaposes flavours of oak, dried fruit and cinnamon with the delicate sweetness of vanilla. For those tequila drinkers on a budget, this one won’t let you down! 

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Gran Orendian reposado tequila bottle and drink

Price range: £41-£100

Tequila Price Range £41-£100
Name Brand ABV Style Average price Origin Volume
Casamigos Tequila Casamigos 40% Blanco £45-£55 Mexico 70cl
Gran Orendain Tequila Gran Orendain 38% Reposado £45-£60 Mexico 70cl
KAH Skull Añejo KAH 40% Añejo £50-£70 Mexico 70cl
Alquimia Reserva de Don Adolfo  Alquimia 40% Extra Añejo £90-£100 Mexico 75cl

One of our recommendations in this price range is KAH Skull Añejo Tequila. Particularly distinctive by its beautiful skull-shaped bottle, this tequila breaks the trend of ‘limited flavours’. By this we mean that this tequila holds much more than just spicy or sweet. Notes of coffee, tobacco and bitter chocolate can be tasted within this Añejo, making it great to sip. 

At the farthest end of this price range, is Alquimia Tequila, an Extra Añejo. Business Insider voted this tequila the best in the world recently and has a great taste palate to discover. It holds a very autumnal set of flavours like cinnamon, cloves and other herbs. Looking for an alternative wintery drink? The Reserva de Don Adolfo Extra Añejo is an excellent choice. 

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Two shots of tequila with lemon and salt

Price range: £110+

Tequila Price Range £110+
Name Brand ABV Style Average price Origin Volume
Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia Jose Cuervo 38% Extra Añejo £110-£130 Mexico 70cl
Fortaleza Añejo Fortaleza 40% Añejo £120-£150 Mexico 70cl
Gran Patron Platinum Tequila Gran Patron 40% Blanco  £170-£220 Mexico 70cl

Now, we’re in the territory of the expensive, premium tequila. Here, you’ll find some of the best tequilas in the world...

Our first recommendation is the Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia. One of the most popular tequila brands in the world, this Jose Cuervo is an Extra Añejo tequila and holds some incredible notes. Cinnamon, cranberry, marzipan and bitter cocoa are all able to be tasted in this aged tequila. This is actually the world’s first official Extra Añejo tequila. In the UK, it’s available from online spirit stockists.  

For some serious money, take a look at the Gran Patron Platinum Blanco Tequila. Buying a 175cl bottle will set you back around £550 and even the standard 70cl bottle is roughly £200. Born from the premium blue agave plant fields in Jalisco, it’s triple distilled and claims to be the world’s smoothest tequila. Sweet notes with a silky texture means this tequila is highly acclaimed by those in the tequila world. Blanco tequilas are usually preferred for use in cocktails over sipping, however with this tequila, both are possible, despite its silver label.  

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