‘Teacher’ is a small word with big connotations. It’s a selfless profession and always implies far more than just standing at the front of a classroom and talking.

For example, our EBS teaching staff can be considered guides, instructors, and mentors - just to name a few things. Students remain in contact with their instructors long after graduating, maintaining friendships built on exchanging the latest bartending tips and tricks.   

So, to celebrate World Teachers’ Day and these wonderful individuals, we’re sharing Timo’s story (an example of the awesome life EBS instructors lead).   

Here’s a visual of his exciting international journey with us:

Timo's international journey with EBS

Back in 2016, Timo was searching for his dream bartending job in Switzerland. But, without professional experience, he was unable to land a position in places that truly excited him.

What was the best solution to this? Taking an EBS course.?

Timo flew out to Miami where he knew the cocktail scene was booming and got trained up by industry experts in just 4 weeks. These instructors quickly became his friends and at the end of the course, having witnessed his passion and potential, they encouraged him to become one of the pack.

Timo leaped at the opportunity to remain connected to EBS and attended our rigorous instructor academy in Stockholm - a whole different vibe from Miami!

Since then, Timo has been all over the globe, having “the best time of his life” and feeling like he’s “doing the course on repeat”. He finds it extremely fulfilling to watch the students’ evolution over 4 weeks of intensive training and loves to see the shyest of the group come out of their shells as the cohort knits together to become one friendly community.

Timo having fun with students

When asked to reflect on the most important lesson he took away from EBS Miami, his starting point, Timo shares:

“Sometimes you just need to take a risk. I had a safe job, a car, and a stable social circle in Switzerland but I wanted more. People thought I was crazy to drop it all to go and live out of my suitcase as an EBS student and then instructor. But I never looked back. Setting off into the unknown to pursue something I was passionate about opened up amazing opportunities for me, both professionally and travel-wise.”  

Where can you find him now? Timo is currently putting into practice all the tricks of the trade he learned at EBS as Food & Beverages Manager at Hotel Murten (Switzerland) and Global Brand Ambassador for Generous Gin.