Yukon Jack is honey-based liqueur from Canada, made using Canadian whisky (blended) and honey. The liqueur is produced by the Sazerac company. 

A rebel from the outset, it’s earned the title of the ‘Black Sheep of Canadian Liquors’. As a black sheep with 100 proof, it proved to be quite a talking point for people, as they wanted to try this mysterious drink. The 1970s saw a peak in sales due to its branding by the Sazerac company. Yukon Jack’s image is rounded off with their tagline, ‘only the strong survive’, truly cementing itself as a ‘hard’ liqueur. 

Due to the unique nature of the drink, it's unsurprising people wonder, 'what liquor is Yukon Jack?'. Yukon Jack ingredients are only honey and Canadian whisky. Making the drink a honey-based but also whisky-based liqueur, if that clears that up. 

What does Yukon Jack taste like?

Glass of Yukon Jack liqueur

Yukon Jack is a real ‘hit-or-miss’ type of drink. Some liken it to drinking gasoline, a very potent and fiery taste. Those who enjoy the drink describe it as a strong but sweet drink with fruity undertones. The use of honey as its key ingredient means the liqueur has a natural sweetener. Whether you like it or not, you’ll taste its strength for sure.

Yukon Jack has been naturally compared to Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey whiskey, being labelled as ‘the other Jack’. However, due to Yukon Jack’s proof, it's better to say that Jack Daniel’s is just a more palatable version. At 35% proof, it’s a fraction of Yukon Jack’s strength.

How to drink Yukon Jack

Most commonly, Yukon Jack is taken as a cold shot or served on the rocks, like whiskey. However, the whisky liqueur has been adapted into various cocktails over the years.

For a drink as distinctive and unusual as Yukon Jack, it should be reserved for special occasions. If you're looking for aperitif drinks for closing a business deal or graduation, then Jack's the one for you . 

What proof in Yukon Jack? 

It’s a 100 proof liqueur with an ABV of 50 percent alcohol. 

History of Yukon Jack 

Friends toasting with Yukon Jack

Unfortunately, the history of Yukon Jack is one of great mystery. Little is known about its true origins but, nevertheless, it does have a story to tell. 

The first record of Yukon Jack being introduced is from the 1970s in North America. This Canadian whisky and honey-based liqueur gets its name after the 19th century gold-rush pioneer, Jack McQuesten. Its strength and potent flavour were worthy of such a name, according to the creators. 

There are some records of Yukon Jack dating back to the 1940s in advertising, however the 1970s are seen as the official date. 

Yukon Jack cocktails 

Yucktail The Crystal Virgin

If you’re curious about trying Yukon Jack but can’t handle its potency, a Yukon Jack cocktail is for you. These ‘Yuktails’ offer a gentle kick to those interested…

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1. Snakebite Shot

This Yukon Jack Snakebite Shot recipe is the most popular Yucktail and the simplest. Those drinking the Snakebite receive an electric buzz down their throat to warm the soul. Expect your taste buds to pop!


  • Yukon Jack 60ml
  • Lime cordial 15ml 


  1. Add all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice.
  2. Shake well and pour into a shot glass. 

2. The Crystal Virgin

Probably as virginal as this classic drink gets, this is a shot with variety. Adding almond liqueur and cranberry juice means the aggressive flavours are tamed, allowing for a pleasant shot. 


  • Yukon Jack 30ml
  • Amaretto 20ml
  • Cranberry juice 70ml


  1. Add all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice.
  2. Shake well and pour into a shot glass. 

3. Texas Rattlesnake

Our last suggestion, is great for those who love tangy tasting cocktails. Love cocktails that make you screw up your face but leave you wanting more? Try out this recipe for that exact experience…



  1. Add 1 part Yukon Jack, ½ part cherry brandy, 1 part peach liqueur and a dash of the sweet and sour mix into a cocktail shaker with ice.
  2. Shake well.
  3. Pour into a glass with ice and serve. 

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Different styles of Yukon Jack 

Over the years Yukon Jack has expanded its range beyond the classic original. A Fire, Apple, Honey and even a shot of Snakebite Yukon Jack can be bought now. By expanding their range they’re appealing to those who like Yukon Jack even spicy or those who like to double-down on the honey.

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