European Bartender School proudly announces its involvement with the newly launched platform DrinksWorld, a testament to EBS' commitment to elevating the bartending industry through the dissemination of expert knowledge.


A carefully crafted collaboration

As a globally recognised institution with a rich legacy in bartending education, EBS has established itself as a leader in the industry, shaping the futures of over 80,000 satisfied students worldwide. The EBS community was therefore the ideal collective to contribute to and embellish the new landscape of liquids catalogued by DrinksWorld.

DrinksWorld is a panoramic digital hub and one-stop shop for all things drinks. From discovering a new favourite cocktail to honing your mixing skills, DrinksWorld strives to centralise refreshing beverage information on a fun, intuitive platform. Cocktail enthusiasts are connected with top names from the industry and able to tap into a repository of knowledge and inspiration.

To ensure all content available on the platform is in line with the highest standards of the bartending industry, established voices within the EBS community contribute and review DrinksWorld's content library, infusing materials with the latest trends, techniques, and tips. Readers can trust that they will be imbibing pertinent insights and best practices.

A glimpse into what you can find on the DrinksWorld site:

  • A robust, growing catalogue of cocktail recipes with step-by-step instructions and video tutorials to number 1500 by 2025
  • Cocktail collections with drinks listed by theme and mood
  • Articles highlighting bars, distilleries, and top industry trends around the world

By creating an account, you can save recipes for easy finding (and satisfaction as you watch the list of drinks you have mastered grow!)

DrinksWorld will soon see the launch of:

  • An app to keep everything at your fingertips on mobile
  • Premium bartending courses
  • A community forum to connect with others in the industry or follow educational threads
  • A game to keep your drinks knowledge ticking over (think DuoLingo for bartenders)

Together, we raise the bar

By harnessing the invaluable knowledge and experience of the EBS community to provide this expert-level content, DrinksWorld distinguishes itself as a reliable and exhaustive resource for beverage enthusiasts, aspiring bartenders, and hospitality professionals.

This collaboration gives space to EBS to continue asserting itself as a driving force in bartending education, promoting the accessibility of niche beverage knowledge and empowering individuals of all experience levels to venture into the industry. With EBS's involvement, drinks fanatics can embark on a journey of mastery, trusting that they are guided by the best, every step of the way.