While the image of bartending has been in a bit of a slump since the eighties, the profession is making a comeback for some years now. And this puts professional bartenders right back on the pedestal where they have been for the better part of the last century: the total rock stars of the night life that they are.

But what is it that makes professional bartending such an exciting way to make money? Let’s break it down with the ten reasons below:

1) Firstly, there’s the job security. People need to drink, period. So instead of worrying about following that very specific career path of yours, pouring drinks is universal. That means bartending skills are in demand wherever there are people, and that means…

2) Travel abroad. While others save money to go abroad for months, a bartender can simply hop on a plane, find a local bartending job and support himself while seeing the best this planet has to offer. Provided there is a bar of course. Traveling and working behind the bar is a perfect combination to stay abroad for months on end.

3) Meeting people. There are few other jobs where you spend so much time interacting with people. And for once, it is perfectly safe to ask their names.

4) Pace. Don’t like downtime behind the office? Then this is your gig. Bartending lets you be on your feet all the time and you will see a lot of action during your shift. Great exercise, and never a dull moment.

5) Social skills. If you weren’t the life of the party already, standing behind the bar will make you exactly that. Engaging your audience and honing your charismatic skills on a daily basis will do that to you, and your social standing will skyrocket.

6) Opportunities. Whether you are going to college, or setting up your own company, bartending keeps you afloat while at the same time, it leaves you enough daylight hours to pursue other goals and interests.

7) Camaraderie. Working in a confined space, together with colleagues facing the exact same responsibilities as you do lets you develop a relationship easily. Make friends for life, or even meet that special someone behind the bar.

8) Mixology. Knowledge of drinks that goes beyond your regular cocktails is a respected skill and well received at social gatherings.

9) Immediate cash. It is not uncommon for bartenders to live of their tips and put their regular check in a saving account. And while lone slaves wait for the end of the month, bartenders cash in every night. The trick is of course to go home instead of another venue.

10) Sleep late. Although often overlooked, there is a very direct advantage doing your daily business when others are in their working hours. No more lines at the counter; you will love not having to wait.