Bartending has made quite the resurgence in recent years, once again becoming a sought-after profession. Many bars have transformed into concept bars, offering customers completely unique experiences and the bartender is absolutely a part of this! But why be a bartender?

Here, are our top 10 reason to be a bartender (expert-checked)...

1. Job security

bartender shaking

People need to drink, period. So instead of worrying about following that very specific career path of yours, pouring drinks is universal. But you have to get people who can actually pour the drinks well. This is where you (as a bartender) comes in to save the day for thirsty customers everywhere! 

Bartending skills are in demand wherever there are people, so you'll be pretty safe for a job. This is one the best reasons to become a bartender out there! 

2. Travel abroad


While others save money to go abroad for months, a bartender can simply hop on a plane, find a local bartending job and support himself while seeing the best this planet has to offer. Pretty amazing no? Just imagine yourself working at a 'hip' tiki bar on a Thai beach, looking out onto white sand, turquoise sea and the golden sun setting on a pink sky. What more would you want? Here at European Bartender School, we have over 25 bartending schools dotted all around the world, so check out where's best to do your training. 

Traveling and working behind the bar is an easy way to stay abroad for months on end.

3. Meet new people


There are few other jobs where you spend so much time interacting with people. If you're someone who loves the idea of this, then bartending is definitely for you. Not only will you meet new people, but you can build relationships. As long as you're a friendly bartender, of course, and not one of those overly pretentious ones*. 

4. A fast pace

bartender double shaker

Don’t like the downtime behind the office desk? Tired of being in sales? Then this is your gig! Bartending lets you be on your feet all the time and you will see a lot of action during your shift. Well, there are moments when you won't be as busy, but at the height of a shift, it's super fun! And if you're having fun, so will your customers. 

Bartending is great exercise, and never a dull moment.

5. Social interaction 

friends smile bar bartender

If you weren’t the life of the party already, standing behind the bar will make you exactly that. Engaging your audience and honing your charismatic skills on a daily basis will do that to you, and your social standing will skyrocket. Bartending can be a great way to improve your self confidence, so step up and take charge of who you are. 

6. Opportunities 

bartender flair

Whether you are going to university or setting up your own company, bartending keeps you afloat while at the same time, leaves you enough daylight hours to pursue other goals and interests. Just like the Pet Shop Boys said in their song 'Opportunities', 'let's make lots of money'. Not many jobs allow you to have such access to other opportunities in or outside of your industry, so take advantage of this sweet benefit. 

Why do you want to be a bartender? Do it for the great opportunities! 

7. Camaraderie 

bartender smiling sailor jerry pour

Working in a confined space, together with colleagues facing the exact same responsibilities as you do lets you develop a relationship easily. Make friends for life, or even meet that special someone behind the bar. As we've said, being a bartender is great for making relationships. It's not uncommon to find 'the one' if you're a bartender...

8. Mixology 

mixology cocktail craft ebs

Knowledge of drinks that goes beyond your regular cocktails is a respected skill and puts you in good stead for future endeavours. Mixology is a fantastically fun skill to master and goes beyond just making drinks. Mixology is about creating them!

Don't know what is mixology? You will do, if you want to be the best! 

Interested in becoming a master bartender? Take a look at our mixology course here. 

9. Immediate cash 

Money tips on bar

It's not uncommon for bartenders to live off their tips and put their main income into a savings account. Earning bartending tips can be a very fruitful business. Of course, we can't give you an exactly amount but let's just say it's handsome...

The best way to save money? Go home instead of another bar.

10. Sleep late 

Bartender working hard behind bar

Although often overlooked, there is a very direct advantage in doing your daily business when others are in their working hours. No lines at the checkout; it's a dream if you hate having to wait around for the public. Not every bartending job is like this, but if it is, this is definitely an advantage. 

So, there you have it. Our top 10 reasons to become a bartender. Surely, you can't still be wondering 'why do I want to be a bartender?'.

Convinced yet? Learn all about our bartender courses here at European Bartender School and start your amazing bartending career...