What I love most about the world of bars is that you can make lots of friends all over the world incredibly quickly. As long as you stay open to new experiences, keep learning and stay enthusiastic, you can form a worldwide bar community in this way.

Najade sums up the hospitality industry perfectly. It’s a supportive international cohort that connects you to employment opportunities wherever you travel. If there’s one adjective to describe the bartending profession, it’s definitely ‘social’. Apart from enriching oneself through new connections, it’s also an exercise in personal conduct. Najade believes that “everyone should work in hospitality at least once in their life to learn common etiquette.” Najade began learning these valuable people skills in a wine and gastro bar, before finding work at various hospitality venues. Unsurprisingly, she caught the cocktail bug and felt an impulse to book the 4-week course at EBS Amsterdam to deepen her mixing knowledge.

Najade made the most out of her International Bartender Course, enjoying both sides of the experience: the social and the serious. She explains:  “For curious souls, EBS offers a lot of foundational knowledge. It teaches you routines to build your confidence behind the bar. That is very important in the flow of service and also to effortlessly strike up a connection with your guests. For party-oriented souls, EBS offers a lot of fun and possibilities for lifelong friendships. It really is the first step into this global community that exists in the bar world. If you're both fun and a keen learner, you'll have a great time for sure.

After graduating from this many-sided experience, Najade began her cocktail career at Beefsteak Club and later moved on to Pulitzer’s bar (both in Amsterdam). Fast-forward a few years and she is soon to start as Head of the Bars Department at the Okura Hotel. In the meantime, Najade is gathering extra experience and inspiration by taking short internships at the World’s 50 Best Bars, including Little Red Door, Line Bar, and The Clumsies. What an insight into the diverse tips and tricks of current trailblazers!

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