• 40ml tequila
  • 20ml Cointreau
  • 30ml fresh lime juice
  • 10ml Sugar syrup

Process Steps

  1. Coat the rim of a chilled martini or coupe glass with salt (use lime juice so that it sticks)
  2. Pour all the ingredients into a shaker and shake
  3. Fine strain into the glass

The Margarita is one of the world's most popular cocktails. Its origin stories are as numerous as the drink's variations. According to legend, the drink was invented in 1938 by Mexican restaurant owner Carlos Danny Herrera for the gorgeous Ziegfeld showgirl Marjorie King. Because Tequila was said to be the only alcohol that King was not allergic to, Herrera mixed up a drink with the spirit and added lime juice and salt. Some historians state that Texas socialite Margaret Sames (A.K.A. Margarita) created the first cocktail at a house party in Mexico in 1948. Another historian stated that Margarita was named after actress Rita Hayworth (real name Margarita Casino) during a 1940s performance in Tijuana. Another theory by cocktail expert David Wondrich states that the drink evolved from The Daisy, a famous cocktail in the 1940s and 1950s. The classic Margarita recipe contains four ingredients: tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice and sugar syrup. The salted rim is optional.

The Margarita tastes like agave because it is made with tequila. Cointreau and lime juice provide a citrus flavour while also balancing the sour and sweet components of the cocktail. A Margarita is recommended for anyone who enjoys drinking something that is high in vitamin C, gluten-free, aids digestion naturally, promotes weight loss and lowers LDL levels. Margaritas are high in nutrients, but are still considered to be a strong alcoholic beverage.

What are the ingredients for a Margarita?

There are four essential Margarita ingredients that must be present to create the best Margarita mix.

  • 40ml Tequila: A Mexican liquor derived primarily from the fermented sap of the blue agave after two separate distillations.
  • 20ml Cointreau: Cointreau is a liqueur with an orange flavour that originated in France. It typically contains between 20% and 40% alcohol by volume.
  • 30ml Lime juice: Lime juice is the juice extracted from the lime fruit.
  • 10ml sugar syrup: Sugar syrup is made with one part sugar and one part water.

1. 40ml of tequila

Tequila is necessary for making the best Margarita drink. Tequila's flavour varies depending on where the agave is grown and how long it is aged. Tequila is described as fruity, sweet or earthy depending on the variety. Tequila has honey, citrus, vanilla, caramel, oak and black pepper notes. Tequila usually has 40% alcohol content per volume and 64 calories per one ounce shot. Roca Patron Silver is the best tequila for Margaritas. Patron tequila is made with agave, which many people believe extracts more flavour. After cooking, the Roca brand presses the agave with a massive stone wheel known as a tahona. It is "balanced with a herbaceous quality and spicy, warm finish," according to Holguin.

2. 20ml of Cointreau

Cointreau is necessary for making the best Margarita drink. It features a bitter citrus and sweet flavour which gives the Margarita a nice fruity flavour. Cointreau contains 40% alcohol by volume and 72 calories per 20 ml.

3. 30ml fresh lime juice

Lime juice is necessary for making a Margarita drink; juicing fresh limes is highly recommended to drinkers rather than using store-bought lime juice. A citrus juicer is highly recommended because it makes juicing a breeze and is especially useful if the drinker is making a large batch. Lime juice has a sour, acidic flavour with a subtle sweetness. Limes are bright and colourful, with a distinct zesty sour flavour, and their mouth-puckering bitterness is what prevents them from being eaten whole like an orange. 1 ounce (30 ml) of lime juice contains 7 calories. Freshly squeezed lime juice is best for Margaritas.

4. 10ml sugar syrup

Sugar syrup is necessary for making a Margarita drink if drinkers want to sweeten their Margarita. Sugar syrup is made with part of sugar and part of water and is said to be significantly sweeter. The sugar syrup does not contain any alcohol, however, it does contain 19 calories per serving. The best sugar syrup to use for making the Margarita is Agave Syrup. Agave is said to have a honey-like flavour and to be significantly sweeter than sugar.

How to make a Margarita?

Preparing a Margarita has never been easier thanks to this recipe, so don't miss it and make the most out of your cocktail!

1. Coat the rim of a chilled martini or coupe glass with salt (use lime juice so that it sticks).
2. Pour all the ingredients into a shaker and shake.
3. Fine strain into the glass.

1. Coat the rim of a chilled martini or coupe glass with salt (use lime juice so that it sticks).

Coat the rim of a chilled martini or coupe glass with salt. Hold the glass upside down then dip the glass,pressing it gently into the dry ingredients so that the salt sticks onto it evenly. The salt is necessary when making the Margarita cocktail to intensify and balance the sweetness and sourness of the drink.

2. Pour all the ingredients into a shaker and shake

Combine all the prepared ingredients such as the 40ml tequila, 20ml Cointreau, 30ml lime juice and 10ml sugar syrup in a cocktail shaker. To make a great margarita, make sure all the ingredients are shaken well. Shaking the cocktail is required to entirely combine all the drink's ingredients into a great flavour blend. Shaking is the most thorough method of mixing drinks.

3. Fine strain into a glass.

Fill a rocks glass halfway with ice, then strain the mixture into the prepared Margarita glass. Straining a cocktail is necessary before serving to remove any unwanted substances.

What nutritional benefit can you get from drinking a Margarita?

Margaritas contain some nutritious ingredients that may be beneficial to one’s health. A glass of Margarita contains up to 13% of the daily vitamin C requirement. Margarita contains no gluten. Tequila lowers LDL cholesterol levels, lowering the risk of heart attack and stroke. Tequila may contain some organic compounds that aid digestion and since the drink contains natural sugar, it will not raise blood sugar levels. 1 Margarita cocktail has 226 calories. The Margarita drink has 33% ABV per 3 ounces (89 ml).

What are the different variations of Margarita?

There are multiple Margarita drink variations, including Tequila Daisy, Tommy's Margarita, Frozen Margarita, Spicy Margarita, Strawberry Margarita, Breakfast Margarita, Black Mole Margarita, Spicy Mint Avocado Margarita, Thanksgiving Margarita, Manu de Chango, and Shrubarita. To variate a Margarita, the bartender should switch the tequila type and try a different orange liqueur. They can also swap out some or all of the lime juice for lemon, grapefruit, blood orange or tangerine juice to change the flavour and colour of the cocktail. Fruit-flavours are the most commonly changed ingredients in Margarita variations. There are even more Margarita variations, including the Winter Margarita, the Blueberry Coconut Margarita, the Coconut Margarita, the Spicy Strawberry Margarita, the Spicy Black Margarita, the Spicy Mandarin Margarita, the Spicy Avocado Coconut Margarita, the Morning Margarita and the Watermelon & Basil Margarita. Margarita is similar to several other cocktails, including Pepino's Revenge, Punto Pomelo, Silver Monk, Mexican Three-Way, Mint & Lime Tequila Refresher, Better than Advil, Agave Nero, and Sueño.

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