• 1 part orange juice
  • 1 part champagne

Process Steps

  1. Pour the orange juice, then the champagne into a champagne flute

A Mimosa is a drink made from two main ingredients: champagne and chilled citrus juice, usually orange juice. This drink is widely known to have its own almost-official state holiday on May 16th, but most people seem to think of every Sunday as Mimosa Day. It is typically served in a large champagne glass at brunches and morning events, or as part of the business or first class service on most trains and airlines.

Mimosas, also known as Champagne oranges, were a popular drink in the Champagne region of France. The beverage was taken back to England by the British royals and then became known as the Mimosa.  The drink was picked up by a few well-known American bars, and together with its partner, the Bloody Mary, became synonymous with brunch. The cocktail is named after the Mimosa tree's yellow blossom, as the drink's colour is comparable to that of the flower. A Mimosa with a lot of juice tastes more like a fruit punch than a cocktail. This is perfect for someone who likes light alcoholic beverages during breakfast.

What are the ingredients for a Mimosa?

Listed below are the ingredients for a Mimosa cocktail.

  1. Champagne: Champagne is a well-known sparkling white wine produced in France's Champagne region. It is made using what is known as the classic process. After being fermented into a base wine, the grape juice is processed and bottled.
  2. Orange Juice: Orange juice is prepared by squeezing or reaming oranges. It is sweet in flavour, healthy and a base for many drinks.

1. 1 part of champagne

A classic Mimosa cocktail drink requires one part of champagne. Champagne makes the Mimosa rich and toasty. The best champagne to use for making the Mimosa cocktail drink is Prosecco or Cava. These two come from different countries but are both examples of  champagne that is perfect for mixing with juice. Champagne has an alcohol content of 12% by volume with an amount of 96 calories.

2. 1 part of orange juice

Orange juice is part of the essential ingredients needed to make the Mimosa cocktail. Champagne and orange juice go well together since they are both light, refreshing and full of fruity flavour. Orange juice does not contain any alcohol content, however, it has a number of 45 calories.

How to make Mimosa?

Preparing a Mimosa has never been easier thanks to this recipe, so don't miss it and make the most out of your cocktail!

1. Pour the orange juice, and then the champagne into a champagne flute.

To begin, add orange juice to the flute half-full, then top up with champagne. Orange juice and champagne must be added in this order, as adding champagne before the orange juice can cause the glass to overflow with bubbles.

What nutritional benefit can you get from drinking a Mimosa?

Drinking a Mimosa cocktail drink offers various advantages. Champagne is one of the lowest-calorie drinks available, with only 85 calories per flute. The splash of orange juice is low in calories, nutritious and high in vitamin C.

What are the different variations of Mimosa?

There are multiple variations of the Mimosa cocktail drink, including Buck's Fizz, Poinsettia, Lemosa, Vermosa, Flirtini and Megmosa. To variate a Mimosa cocktail drink, the bartender should change some of the ingredients. To give it a kick, use grapefruit juice and cherry syrup. Then, while sipping, garnish with a grapefruit rind or munch on a cherry. Some similar cocktails to Mimosas are Grapefruit Juice and Champagne, Hibiscus Mimosa, Champagne with Rhubarb Syrup, Prosecco Cocktails with Red Vermouth and Blackberries, and the French 75.

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