Doing a degree is pretty tough, and 9 am lectures don’t make things any easier! However, doing a degree with no money is the worst, hence why most students decide to get a part-time job at university. Instead of working in a shop folding clothes for 8 hours straight or working in catering, get yourself behind the bar!

These 11 reasons prove why you should be applying for bartender jobs while at university, it’s the best part-time job at university there is! Plus, it’s a skill that you can take with you wherever you go, for life!

Why getting a part-time job at university as a bartender is the best

1. Freshers!

You will lose track of the amount of friends you make over the bar, especially during Freshers’ week. Although you may not recognise all the faces you have served, they will certainly recognize you and you’ll instantly become a local celeb on campus, all while you’re making money!

2. You are always invited to parties

ALWAYS. No matter how vaguely someone knows you, you will always be invited to their parties. You’re a bartender and they have lots of alcohol…did somebody say mojitos?

3. Money in your pocket

For when that student loan doesn’t quite cut it, or the bank of Mum and Dad is closed for a while, you’ll always have the money if you need it. Look at it this way, not only are you making money when you work but you’re also SAVING money!

piggy banks

4. Catch up with old friends

As your degree gets more intense it’s harder to find the time to catch up with your nearest and dearest. During day shifts you can invite a friend along to work at the end of the bar. Win, win. You both get to catch up, you’re both being productive and you can always have a drink or two when your shift is over!

5. Time management

Time is a tricky thing at university; it tends to run away from you. As a bartender, you know when you have your shifts and how long they will be. You’ll know when you need to eat, sleep and most importantly work. It’ll surprise and annoy your friends how much you manage to fit into your day while they’ve been at home trying to pick a nice font for their essay.

6. Regulars

Regulars are the heart of any bar. They will keep you going and make you feel at home even if your university is miles from it. You’ll be surprised at the amount you can learn from each other and form friendships that you would never have seen coming.

7. Forget about the rest of it

When you enter that bar you leave the rest of the world behind. Worries about your dissertation, your lecturers or your rent money go out the window. You find a strangely calming peace in the busiest of places.

8. The team

Otherwise known as your family. You forge friendships with these people so fast it’s quite scary! You are entirely comfortable with each other and don’t bat an eyelid at having to move their bum out of the way so you can get to the ice machine. When you do manage to get a night off together, the town will be hearing about it for weeks to come.

9. Lecturers – what happens at the bar stays at the bar

Lecturers can drink too and if your bar is their chosen watering hole then you’ll see an incredibly entertaining side of them. If you remember their drink, they’ll remember you, for all the right reasons!

10. You’ll learn what a ‘professional face’ is

No matter how hectic things are out front, you learn how to stay calm and appear at ease. However, behind closed doors you will quite happily freak out with the rest of the team. The professional face comes in surprisingly handy for the rest of life, like interviews for example: Outside –  “It’s cool, I have this under control”. Inside – “I’M FREAKING OUT!”

graduating students

11. Experience

Not only is your time at university enhanced, because of all the above, but so is your CV. It looks awesome to manage a part-time job at university alongside a degree and your future employers will be impressed – great job!

1 part bartending mixed with 1 part university, sound like your cocktail?