To declare Barcelona “gay-friendly” would be a serious understatement. With tourists and expats from across the globe constantly passing through to admire its world-famous Modernisme, the Catalan capital is bustling with diversity. Pride month or not, Barcelona buzzes with LGBTQ+ liveliness all year round, and a great place to get a taste of this queer atmosphere is in its bars...    

Best Gay Bars in Eixample

We have no choice but to begin our list in the Gaixample neighbourhood. Yes, you read that right, Eixample has become such a homosexual haven that it earned itself this nickname.

Rooftop Sky Bar, Axel Hotel

If you’re looking for poolside panoramas, here’s your best bet. At the Axel Hotel Rooftop Sky Bar, you can recline on sun loungers, gaze out over the sea, sip on cocktails, and take a dip in the jacuzzi. The rooftop is even open during the winter - things always seem to heat up pretty quickly after a couple of margaritas…

Boysbar BCN

BoysbarBCN, one of Barcelona's best gay bars

A little less “chill” is BOYSBAR BCN. Shimmy on down to this bar for great deals on deals and rowdy events. We’re talking sensual Latin dancing, saucy strip shows, and hardcore house music. Which night are you showing up? All the above?

Plata Cocktail Bar

Plata, one of Barcelona's best gay bars

Mmm, how can we put this? Plata gives off strong 21st-century Gay Gatsby vibes. If you want aesthetic decor and extravagant, instagrammable cocktails, this is the place. Expect friendly bartenders, good-looking guys, and yummy finger food.

Inspired by the film The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, going to this bar is quite a ride. No drink is consumed without some kind of entertainment so be prepared for unruly games of bingo and performances from fabulously dressed drag queens. (Yes, bingo is cool again).

Best Gay Bars in El Raval

Olímpic Bar

From the outside, this might look like every other old Raval bar, but step one foot inside and it’s an explosion of kitsch. Olímpic Bar is popular amongst younger members of the LGBTQ+ community as it is so welcoming - with no door, the bar invites whoever might be strolling by to come in for a drink or two.

La Casa de la Pradera

La Casa de la Pradera, one of Barcelona's best gay bars

For a relaxed, hetero-friendly drink and free tapa, you’ll want to stop by La Casa de la Pradera. Like all good Barcelona bars, it has a lively terrace where you can sit and reflect on the bohemianism of the Raval neighbourhood. It might look like a typical Spanish joint, but enter inside to set off your “gaydar”.  

Best Gay Bars in Poble Sec

La Federica

You know the kind of interior design that pops into your mind when someone says the word “gay bar”? Well, that’s La Federica to a tee. Pastel colours, bunting, fairy lights… Even if you’re not thirsty, you’ll want to sit at the bar just because it’s so aesthetically pleasing. Go to socialise on weeknights and catch a drag show at weekends!

La Rouge

How to best describe La Rouge?  Not strictly a gay bar, but an alternative hetero-friendly venue. With its metal furnishing and red ceiling, it feels like some kind of edgy speakeasy. And the best thing about it is you can watch anything live! Flamenco, stand-up comedy, rumba, electrofunk… Whatever you’re in the mood for, they’ll offer it.

So, there’s quite the variety of gay bars in Barcelona to choose from. Whether you want somewhere convivial and low-key or an in-your-face celebration of queerness, this open-minded, accepting city has got you covered.