Whilst we prefer our coffee butter-free, we understand that some love a dollop of the yellow stuff in their coffee. It might not be famed for its delicious taste (unlike literally any other coffee) but Bulletproof coffee's claimed health benefits give it a USP that's sucking the punters in.

Learn all about what Bulletproof coffee is, including its ingredients, recipe and benefits... 

What is Bulletproof coffee?

Cup of Bulletproof coffee

Bulletproof coffee is a high calorie drink made from coffee, butter and MCT oil, which replaces high-carb breakfasts.

Also called 'butter coffee', the idea of adding fats to the coffee is to give the drinker fuel for their morning and to keep them feeling full. Created by Dave Asprey, this buttery drink is referred to as the 'keto coffee' because it's appropriate for those on keto diets.

MCT oil (medium-chain triglyceride) contains medium-length fats which aid digestion. Whilst research is not definitive, it's been claimed to help weight loss. 

Bulletproof coffee recipe and preparation 

Glass of Bulletproof coffee

The Bulletproof coffee recipe is very simple and requires only three ingredients. To make a Bulletproof coffee, you'll need coffee, MCT oil and unsalted butter (grass fed butter preferably). By strictly sticking to these ingredients, you'll be able to heed its claimed health benefits, whilst keeping your morning coffee routine!

If the ingredients list was simple enough, the method to make Bulletproof coffee is just as easy...

Step 1

First, simply brew some coffee, as you normally would. There's no preferred type of coffee specified.

Step 2

Add the coffee to a blender, along with the other ingredients. Blend until all the ingredients are fully mixed and the consistency is smooth. Then, you're done, it's that simple! Enjoy your keto coffee.

NOTE: You can also use decaf coffee in this keto coffee recipe! 

Benefits of Bulletproof coffee

Glass of Bulletproof coffee with sprinkles

The benefits of Bulletproof coffee have been disputed by experts in the field. There has been no specific study done on Bulletproof coffee and its benefits, so we can't draw definitive conclusions from its properties. That being said, some of the claimed benefits go as follows...

1. Improved brain performance

Those who drink Bulletproof coffee claim to feel more alert and more focused. This may have some truth behind it because coffee is famously known to wake people up and improve response time. Short term recall is an extension of this which is also aided through consuming coffee. By drinking a Bulletproof coffee, you could improve your brain functionality, making you feel more focused and alert. 

2. Lower body fat

The fats within the ingredients of the Bulletproof coffee help to reduce appetite whilst also providing enough calories to function. They also help satiety levels, giving you a feeling of fullness for longer after consumption.

The butter within the coffee is also rich in vitamins A, D and K. These vitamins are great at helping out the gut and lowering body fat as a result. Another added benefit! 

As for the final ingredient, MCT oil, this helps fat loss by metabolising quickly. Once in the body, it gets absorbed and metobolised by the liver very quickly. As a result, the body gets a quick source of energy without a huge calorie injection.

Disadvantages of Bulletproof coffee

Small glass of Bulletproof coffee

It's worth noting that as well as these claimed health benefits, there are some disadvantages to drinking Bulletproof coffee.

1. High levels of saturates

The amount of fats in the Bulletproof coffee means that there's a lot of saturates too. If you include the other ingredients, you'll get all your recommended daily intake of saturates in just one morning cup of Bulletproof coffee. This isn't great as you're likely to go well over your RDI by the end of the day. Not ideal for a healthy lifestyle. 

2. Higher cholesterol levels 

Bulletproof coffee has a strong association with keto or low carb diets. These kinds of diets (low in carb but high in fat) have links to increased levels of cholesterol. This is predominantly down to the butter within the Bulletproof coffee - a key component. There's a lot of evidence behind butter causing increased cholesterol with high and consistent consumption. 

FAQs: Bulletproof coffee

Here are some frequently asked questions of Bulletproof coffee and keto coffees...

Is Bulletproof coffee vegan?

No. The original recipe by Bulletproof is not vegan as it uses butter, which is an animal product.

If you'd like to make a vegan Bulletproof coffee, many recipes recommend using cacao butter as a replacement to dairy butter. It's the closest vegan alternative to the Bulletproof butter out there, as it's low in carbohydrates and high in 'healthy fats'. This would be your best alternative to Bulletproof coffee butter.

What is the nutritional information of Bulletproof coffee?

According to the original recipe by the Bulletproof company, a cup of Bulletproof coffee contains:




25 g

Saturated fat

21 g


0 g


0 g


0 g


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