The infamous practice flair bottle is a very valuable piece of plastic, and every bartender should have one. But have you ever wondered where they came from? Here’s everything you need to know about these unbreakable wonders...

What is a flair bottle?

If you’ve never seen a flair bottle, or don’t know what I’m talking about - it is a hard white plastic vessel that flair bartenders use to practice all their tricks on, before moving onto glass bottles. 

It is designed and weighted to feel like a real glass bottle so that moves can be practiced in safety without using real glass bottles and potentially breaking them and injuring themselves.  Before the flair bottle, flair bartenders would put packing tape around their bottles to reduce the risk of injury if a bottle broke. 

The history


The flair bottle was invented by a bartender called Dean Surneels. As he was learning to flair in his hometown of Toronto Canada, smashing many glass bottles and having several injuries in the process, he begged the question, “Why isn’t there a safe way to practice all these moves?” 

A little bit of research later, and he realised he needed to invent something himself and thus “The Flair Bottle” was born. It was a perfectly weighted replica of a standard glass bottle - and the best part - it didn’t break!  EUREKA! 

The production

Originally a company called Flair Co was manufacturing and selling these bottles, and as the story goes, only one man in the world knew how to produce these bottles. Sadly after he died, the skill had to be learnt by someone else and thus took over the production.

Nowadays, the Bar Products Flair Bottle is not the only flair bottle on the market.  I have come across many different variations, with some drink brands even making their own versions in the shape of their famous bottles for bartenders to use. In fact, right now there are probably over 100 different flair bottles on the market.

Why use a flair bottle? 

1. They don’t break

This isn’t entirely true with some of the brands, however, most of the brands (including our very own EBS flair bottle) make bottles which are VERY VERY difficult to destroy. Pretty much impossible without heavy duty equipment. In fact, one company used to offer a lifetime guarantee with their bottles, so if it broke they sent you a brand new replacement! 

2. They give you confidence

You gain more confidence with a flair bottle, meaning you will try more difficult and extravagant moves than with glass.  There are also some moves that can only be performed with a flair bottle. 

3. You can practice anywhere

Because they don't break, you can pretty much use your flair bottle anywhere but remember, although the bottle doesn’t break, it can still break THINGS… lights, furniture and humans.  

Be careful. One company (Fly Bottle) has combated this problem by making flair bottles from rubber and a mixture of plastic and rubber, meaning they are even less dangerous, more fun and less noisy.  

4. They are cost effective 

Sometimes people say to me “flair bottles are too expensive”, but think about it - if you spend €40, €50 or even €100 on a bottle it’s likely to last for your entire life.  I think that is a bargain.  How many items do you own that will last for that long? 

Do you need a flair bottle?

In my opinion ANY bartender (whether you’re a flair bartender or not) should own at least 1 flair bottle. Why? Because whether it is flair, pouring or speed mixing, we should be practicing our craft.  A flair bottle is safe, can be taken anywhere and is highly durable. My flair bottle and shaker comes with me wherever I go. 

Where can you get a flair bottle?

EBS sell one of the best in the world. It is a great starting flair bottle and, as you’ve read, is likely last you forever! Sign up to our International Bartender Course and you’ll be able to get your hands on one!