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Tom Dyer

Tom Dyer

Starting out as a server’s assistant and bar back in an American themed restraurant, Tom has worked his way from the bottom working all aspects of the hospitality industry.  After discovering flair bartending he realised this was he direction he wanted to go and thus made it his goal to dominate the flair bartending competition world, winning 12 UK championship titles, 2 World Championship titles and over 80 international flair bartending competitions across the globe.  During his professional competing career Tom has worked with numerous well known brands, trained thousands of bartenders across the globe, owned a bar and built up his own brand, Tom Dyer Bartender.  

Now-a-days Tom is co owner of 5 of the EBS schools, runs a successful You Tube channel that teaches everything about flair bartending, with a secondary one slowly growing about cocktails and continues to work closely with brands such as Kraken Black Spiced Rum and MOZERS spirits UK.

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