Barcelona - February 4, 2021 - European Bartender School, the world’s leading bartender school, announced today the release of their Online Craft Flair Course – the latest addition to their line-up of online bartending courses.

In 2020, our bedrooms became offices and living rooms morphed into classrooms. And now, thousands of budding bartenders are transforming kitchens into cocktail bars with a little help from European Bartender School.

With their in-depth online courses, aspiring and established bartenders are building professional skills and earning globally recognised certificates – all from the comfort of their own home. And with the latest addition to the course collection, students can now push their skills even further with stand-out flair routines.

“We’ve poured decades of bartending and teaching experience into 4 online courses – and we’re really proud of the results. Each one arms students with skills and knowledge they can actually use behind a real bar, or even just at home. Whatever their experience level, they’ll develop a strong base on which they can build their bar skills even more.” Gavin Wrigley, Head of Education at EBS.

Tom Dyer teaching the online flair course


Meet the 4 online courses:

  • NEW: The Online Craft Flair Course will help you upgrade your serve using subtle, yet impressive flair moves you can weave right into your cocktail production.
  • The Essentials of Bartending (Online) is ideal for aspiring bartenders and those wanting to top up their skills. On this course, you’ll lay a solid foundation that’s designed to be built upon.
  • The Advanced Online Bartending Course will push the boundaries of what you thought possible, through expert-level recipes and techniques used only by the pros.
  • The Online Tiki Cocktail Course gives you a taste of tiki culture, from the ancient cocktail recipes and famous tiki figures to the iconic garnishing techniques.

“We’ve taught over 70,000 students in our schools since 1999, so we’re really happy we can now offer training online, too. Last year was tough for our industry. But we’re confident it’ll bounce back in 2021”

"Online bartending courses are a great way for us to sharpen our skills and get certified at home, so we can be ready for the inevitable cocktail renaissance.” Continues Gavin.

Check out all their online bartending courses here. Prices range from £19.99 to £29.99.

European Bartender School is the world’s leading bartender school. Since they began back in 1999, they’ve turned over 70,000 students into professional bartenders at their 25+ schools across the world, and now through their online course platform. Their esteemed Board of Education has designed comprehensive courses for every skill and speciality, from tiki to flair and everything in between.

Download images from the online craft flair course here.