We're starting our new series in Scotland's Speyside, with whisky expert and EBS course creator Ludo Ducrocq.

At European Bartender School, we wanted to kick off this brand new year with some brand new content for you. First up, we’re publishing a series of blogs written by our very own Board of Education member.

If you’ve taken our four-week course (or any of our courses), you’ll know how in-depth the curriculum is, and how it’s designed to help you grow as a person – not just as a bartender. So we thought it was time to introduce you to one of the brains behind our world-class bartender courses, whisky expert Ludo Ducrocq.

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Ludo Ducrocq, member of EBS Board of Education

Ludo has lived in Scotland most of his life, and 2021 will mark his 21st year in the whisky industry. He’s based in Speyside which is considered the go-to place for whisky enthusiasts visiting Scotland for the first time. Speyside is home to more than 50 distilleries, and is surrounded by some of the biggest names in single malt whisky – Glenfiddich, Macallan and Glenlivet are all distilled within 10-miles.

As months pass and seasons change Ludo will check in with us, sharing key insights from the world of whisky. You’ll hear all about the major events, celebrations, top trips for whisky lovers and exclusive training opportunities. Plus, you’ll get a whole lot of inspiration for your own cocktail creations. Keep your eyes peeled for the first post, coming out today – you won’t want to miss it.

Is there an area of whiskey you’d like Ludo to cover? Let us know!

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