So, you want to enjoy a whisky but don’t the whisky prices out there? This guide to whisky prices offers a comprehensive overview of the most readily available whiskies out there to buy. We’ll give you a few different price ranges and some suggestions in between. Then, it’s just up to you as to which one is your perfect match. 

Jack Daniels

How much does a good whisky cost?

Despite some of the prices out there, most of us are looking for a bottle that doesn't require a small loan. It’s important to remember that price doesn’t always reflect quality. Production, quantity and demand can all cause prices to go up or down. You can certainly get a very decent whisky (or whiskey) for less than £50.

Most expensive whisky in history 

The most expensive whisky in the world is probably the Macallan "M" whisky, which was sold at a Sotheby's auction in Hong Kong for an eye-watering $628,205, in 2014. 

Then, in April 2018, another record was broken when two very rare 1926 Macallan whiskies were sold in Dubai for $1.2 million at luxury spirits retailer Le Clos. This was officially the most “expensive whisky retail sale in history” according to Forbes magazine. 

If you have more conservative tastes, you might want to try the Dalmore 50 Year Old, which will only set you back £50,000 a bottle. 

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Whisky price guide

Below is our price guide to help you choose the right whisky for you. Seperated into price brackets, it makes your life easier. 

Price point: £20-40

Looking for a good whisky for a night in with friends? Or the perfect whisky for a cocktail? These are some excellent choices for under £40.

Grants Whisky

Whisky: Grant’s Family Reserve Whisky 
Origin: Scotland
Price: £20
ABV: 40% ABV, 1L 
Sold at: Highstreet supermarkets

We love Grant’s, it’s a versatile, accessible whisky with a fruity aroma and light, malty taste with some slightly smoky sweetness. Drink it straight or use it in a cocktail and you won’t be disappointed.

Whiskey: Jack Daniel's 
Origin: USA
Price: £30
ABV: 40%, 1L
Sold at: Highstreet supermarkets

Good alone with ice or in a cocktail. Jack Daniels is a party favourite and a high quality Tennessee Whiskey. A reliable one. 

Whisky: Laphroaig Select Single Malt Whisky 
Origin: Scotland
Price: £33.00
ABV: 40%, 70cl
Sold at: Highstreet supermarkets

This is a distinctive single malt whisky with a big character. Peaty, fiery and with a touch of the sea, this one is to be enjoyed neat with a drop or two of still water.

Price point: £41-70

Bottle of Laphroaig Scotch whisky

If you want something special for your drinks cabinet or want to impress the father-in-law with an impressive bottle, you won’t be disappointed with this selection for under £80. 

Whisky: Johnnie Walker Swing
Origin: Scotland
Price: £51.45
ABV: 40%, 70cl 
Sold at: The Whisky Exchange

The first thing you’ll notice is the distinctive bottle, which “swings” when pushed. Then you’ll get lost in the dark gold spirit. With slightly smoky notes of oak, you’ll also find it fresh with a touch of sweetness. It’s smooth to drink and a firm favourite everywhere.

Whisky: Lagavulin 16 Year Old
Origin: Scotland
Price: £55.45
ABV: 43%, 70cl
Sold at: The Whisky Exchange

Like the Laphroaig, this Lagavulin whisky is a bit of a head-turner. It doesn’t go down without a fight, but those who love it, really love it. It’s a full-bodied single malt, which hails from the island of Islay and has a distinctive peaty, deep, dry quality. 

Whisky: Macallan 10 Year Old Fine Oak range
Origin: Scotland 
Price: £69.95
ABV: 40%, 70cl
Sold at: The Whisky Exchange

This accessible Speyside single malt Scotch whisky has a medium body, which is slightly smoky with notes of heather, oak and malt. Some sweet undertones of honey can be tasted too, underneath its base flavour.


Price point: £70-110

Bartender pouring whisky

Are we buying for a really special occasion? Whoever is receiving one of these whiskies is very lucky. 

Whisky: Caol Ila 2002 Distiller’s Edition 
Origin: Scotland
Price: £71.95
ABV: 43%, 70cl 
Sold at: The Whisky Exchange

Full-bodied, smoky and rich with good level of sweetness. This is a good whisky to taste, savour and enjoy.

Whisky: The Glenlivet Code 
Origin: Scotland
Price: £99.95
ABV: 48%, 70cl 
Sold at: The Whisky Exchange /

This Speyside single malt Scotch whisky is a little different. With no information about the nose, taste or finish, Glenlivet are challenging its fans to test their senses and "crack the code”. According to Glenlivet the tasting notes will be revealed at the end of 2018.


Price point: £111- 150

whisky glass with ice

It’s getting pretty serious over £100 and whisky connoisseurs will be delighted with these distinctive single malts. These are some whiskies now.

Whisky: Aberlour 18 Year Old
Origin: Scotland 
Price: £117
ABV: 43%, 70cl
Sold at: The Whisky Exchange

The Aberlour is a rich, full-bodied, mildly sweet whisky and very drinkable. North of £100, this 18-year-old single malt Scotch is one to enjoy on its own with a drop or two of still water to open up the dram. 

Whisky: The Glenfiddich Distillery Malt Whisky
Origin: Scotland
Price: £120.00
ABV: Variable ABV, 70cl
Sold at: Glenfiddich Online

With a fruity, aroma and a dash of vanilla, it’s a complex whisky with spicy hints of oak, ginger and other strong flavour tones.


Price point: £150+

Bushmills Irish whiskey

If you really want to push the boat out and try something special, we’ve thrown an Irish single malt and an American Bourbon into the mix. 

Whiskey: Bushmills 21 Year Old - Madeira Finish
Origin: Ireland
Price: £169
ABV: 40%, 70cl 
Sold at: The Whisky Exchange

This Irish single malt whiskey is medium-bodied and sweet. Matured in Bourbon and sherry casks for 19 years, then, finished in ex-Madeira casks for a further two years. This is one of the best Irish whiskey brands around and from the oldest distillery in the world.

Whiskey: Four Roses Small Batch 2013, 125th Anniversary Bourbon
Origin: USA
Price: £550
ABV: 51.6%, 70cl 
Sold at: The Whisky Exchange

We’ve thrown a Bourbon into the mix here. Matured in specially selected casks for its 125th anniversary, the Four Roses is a limited edition that has been aged for 13 to 18 years. At this price, you are buying its rarity, quality and an interesting talking point.

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