George works on a rooftop against the backdrop of the majestic Acropolis, enchanted by the breathtaking view and array of multicultural guests that frequent the establishment.


But how did he climb so high?

George's interest in bartending was sparked by a side job while pursuing his studies. This interest quickly evolved into a love affair with drinks and spirits that led him to embark on a life-changing experience at EBS back in 2019.

George’s adventure began at our Mallorca school, a place that reshaped his life. "The people were so friendly and they motivated me so much in that one month that I was there." George appreciates how EBS guided him in working efficiently and cultivating the right mindset for success behind the bar. Learning to be a welcoming host, facilitating conversation, and aiding customers in opening up was particularly touching for George, having struggled with depression during the pandemic. He now puts the people skills he acquired at EBS to good use during his shifts. "My goal is to help the community, to make people talk more. I want people to know that a bartender can also be helpful for them. You can always talk to people and communicate if you have some problems. "



Upon graduating, George's career took off. He honed his skills across various cocktail and hotel bars, each step enriching his expertise. His flair and dedication catapulted him into the national finals in Germany, marking his first foray into world-class bartending competitions.

George's talent and charisma soon caught the eye of Mataroa Gin, leading to a pivotal role as a brand ambassador for Greece's most famous gin. This experience broadened his horizon, teaching him the art of communication and industry insights beyond the bar counter.

As George continues to flourish in his career, guided by the principles instilled during his time at EBS, he cherishes the dream of one day opening his own bar: a space where creative drinks spark conversation, enabling him to connect with guests on a personal level.


If you're inspired by George's journey and aspire to follow in his footsteps, learn more about the International Bartender Course here.