From waiter to bartender to bar owner, Renaud's path is a testament to the potential for fast progress in the world of bars. His journey has taken him from the lively streets of Paris to the paradise island of Phuket, and back again, shaping his skills and passion for mixology along the way.



Having taken the International Bartender Course at our Thai school, Renaud honed his techniques, corrected bad habits, and deepened his knowledge of classic cocktails. He passed his exams with flying colours, and, not afraid to travel far, Renaud ventured to Mexico City for a brief stint at Comedor de Los Milagros before returning to his homeland. There, he shook up a storm in Parisian bars like Silencio Club, and had the opportunity to showcase his expertise at prestigious events like the Cannes and Deauville Film Festivals.

Later on, Renaud embraced a new entrepreneurial chapter by co-founding the bar Le Vieux Carré. It strives to curate a sensory experience where every detail, from fragrances to decor to music, contributes to a sumptuous atmosphere. The cocktail menu, refreshed biannually with unique creations, reflects Renaud's dedication to offering patrons a one-of-a-kind tasting experience. He believes in crafting cocktails that leave a lasting impression, fostering a sense of exclusivity and delight among guests. "Quality products, expertly crafted cocktails, and friendly bartenders are the cornerstones of a thriving bar," he affirms, underscoring his commitment to excellence.

Looking ahead, Renaud envisions Le Vieux Carré not just as a thriving bar but as an indispensable Parisian gem, with aspirations to expand his cocktail empire and open more unmissable establishments.


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