Being a bartender isn't a walk in the park. There's plenty of important things to consider before you even get to the classic cocktail recipes! But how will you remember it all? You need a 'cheat sheet'!

Here at European Bartender School, we've created the perfect bartender cheat sheet of drinks classics and other essential pieces of bartender knowledge. Never again will you be reaching into the back of your brain for that Espresso Martini recipe or double shot measurement.

What is a bartender cheat sheet?

A bartender cheat sheet is a resource bartenders use that covers some basic information, needed during a bar shift. This could include cocktail recipes and basic drinks, methods, bartending tools or even bartender jokes!

Our bartending cheat sheet not only comes with 15 classic cocktail recipes every bartender should know, but also other bits of key information! You'll find three further sections on bartending tools, drinks measurements and cocktail glassware to solidify your learnings.

Most are simply a 'cocktail cheat sheet', but we've taken the cheat sheet to the next level with these three extra sections.

Never forget the essentials again!

How does the bartender cheat sheet help me?

Bartenders can use the cheat sheet as a reference during a busy bar service or as a resource for remembering classic cocktail recipes, bar tools or even which is the right glass to use. As we've already said, bartending isn't a walk in the park, and having reference can make a huge difference. If you've got an upcoming interview, it pays to prepare for any bartender interview questions on drinks or tools with this cheat sheet! 

Understanding the bartender cheat sheet

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Our bartender cheat sheet is super simple to use and memorise. Here's how to understand it all, so it's second nature...

15 cocktail recipes

There are 15 essential cocktails to remember and learn. Each cocktail recipe comes with the ingredients, method, glass, type of ice and garnish.

The ingredients part is very simple. We provide you with a list of the cocktail ingredients with measurements and in the order they should be added. This can be visually memorised through our nifty cocktail graphics too, which show the same thing.

For the method, we only mention the primary action. The methods of making mixed drinks includes: 'build', 'shake', 'roll', 'strain', 'muddle', 'stir' and 'blend'. If you want to learn more about these methods, visit our bartending basics blog.

Next is type of glass. It goes without saying that the sheet gives you the type of glassware you should be using. Whether it's a Martini glass or rocks glass, it covers the basic glasses any bartender should be familiar with. This simplicity goes for the type of ice too. You'll either be asked one of three possibilities: crushed ice, ice cubes or no ice. Ice is a staple for cocktail making, so make sure you've got some to use!

Lastly (both on our list and the cocktail), is the garnish. There's a whole host of possible garnishes out there for cocktails, each often requiring something different. Get that lemon twist, lime wedge or sugar cube ready for the pièce de résistance!

The added extras

There's more to a cocktail than reading its recipe (of course). As a bartender, you'll need to know your measurements, glassware and bar tools. This is where the bartender cheat sheets takes it up a level...

Never forget a double shot, Collins glass or muddler ever again. These might seem like the basics, but if you don't know them off by heart, they're not basic to you! With these visually appealing graphics, they're as easy as pie to remember.

Final thoughts

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Whether you're an experienced bartender or just starting out, a bartending cheat sheet is super helpful to have alongs your journey. Take a look at our handy version here. And knowing a classic cocktail is required (and expected) for bartenders, so take them seriously.

Despite the name, don't feel as if you're cheating by using this. Think of it more as a guide there to help you!

Want to learn even more cocktail recipes and more about bartending? Take try our bartender course at an EBS school near you.