Love cocktails, but trying to stay healthy? Drinking low calorie cocktails doesn't have to be boring! We have compiled a list of thirst-quenching and guilt-free drinks to tickle your tastebuds.

Enjoy these delicious creations... 


Cocktails under 170 calories

Vodka Soda


A simple classic, vodka and soda with a slither of lime will only set you back 95 calories - making it the king of healthy cocktails! 

OK, it's not the most exciting drink, but it's a virtuous and easy cocktail that is perfectly refreshing, especially if you add that squeeze of fresh lime juice.

Old Fashioned

old-fashioned-in two-whisky-tumblers

This much-loved mixed drink is super warming and perfect for bourbon and whiskey lovers. And with only 155 calories per cocktail, you can have a couple of them!

Don't forget the aromatic orange zest...

Gin and Tonic


One of our favourite low calorie cocktails, the simple G&T is famously allowed on most diets, and clocks up around 150 calories.

Be careful with the tonic though, and always opt for the sugar-free option if you’re trying to be healthy.

Other traditional gin drinks that aren't too bad for the waistline include the gimlet recipe.



A surprising cocktail on this list, we thought it would be more of a sinner, but the zesty Cuban drink only contains 170 calories. Just go easy on the sugar!

However, if you really want a healthy low calorie version, try this 'nojito' without the rum. The mint leaves, lime and club soda still make it delicious and refreshing.



We all know grapefruit is a staple on any health regime - and grapefruit juice and tequila make this Mexican drink one of our favourite healthy cocktails. With only 165 calories, we’ll be ditching the lime and salt to enjoy this one, and could sip these all summer long!

Tequila fans can also try a skinny margarita. There are plenty of recipes out there that swap the triple sec for lime juice and agave syrup for the sugar.



With tart cranberry, vodka and lime combined, the Sex and the City girls were right in drinking this one, as there are only 150 calories per glass.

We’ll be reaching for the martini glass and imbibing a few more of these cocktails!

Moscow Mule


The easiest cocktail of them all, a Moscow Mule recipe is made of just 3 ingredients; lime, vodka and ginger beer.

Build your drink in a copper mug by adding the vodka, lime juice and ice, then top with some frothy, low sugar ginger beer! That's it, and there's only 134 calories

Other low calorie cocktails include champagne-based drinks; the orange juice Mimosa with 144 calories, or the French 75 that mixes your favourite bubbly with lemon juice coming in at 161 calories.

And the ones to avoid...

Super sweet, mega boozy, or even mixed with cream, these are the cocktail recipes to avoid if you’re on a health drive.

Cuba Libre


Coke, lime juice, and rum; how can this be bad? It’s not our worst offender, for sure, but this drink (which is mainly added sugar from Coca Cola) really racks up the calories.

Each one contains 250 calories – which is about two bags of crisps.


White Russian


Vodka, coffee liqueur, and cream. This cocktail packs in a solid 425 calories per drink. This is the equivalent of having a McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger. Wow.

Long Island Iced Tea


Known as the most alcoholic cocktail around, this drink comes with an average of 780 calories - which makes it a 'no-no' for anyone on a diet.

So what makes it so bad for your health? That will be the 5 different types of alcohol (vodka, tequila, rum, gin, triple sec), plus sugar syrup and cola.


Frozen Daiquiri

frozen-strawberry-daiquiri-with-mint-and-a straw

This cocktail usually comes in huge glasses and is blended with flavoured sugary syrups. Depending on the size, you can expect these drinks to be filled with around 500-600 calories, equal to around 2 slices of a large Domino’s pepperoni pizza.


Make your own low calorie Daiquiri cocktails by using fresh fruit juice or puree only...

Mai Tai


A Polynesian-style classic, this cocktail is made up of three different spirits including white rum, dark rum and orange curaçao which really does rack up the calorie count. It also contains 610 calories which is equal to a Burger King Whopper burger.

Which really changes the meaning of a cheeky Tiki!

Piña Colada


If you've got a sweet tooth, then this is the cocktail for you.

With coconut cream, pineapple juice, and rum in your cocktail shaker, the overly sweet drink clocks in at 645 calories, making it the very worst of offenders.

This is the equivalent of eating 10 KFC hot chicken wings...


If low sugar cocktails are still on your radar, check out our blog post Reduced Sugar Drinks for Diabetics. Or, find out more about the art of mixology in our guide to what is a cocktail.