If you’re a cocktail connoisseur, you’re probably familiar with the classic Moscow Mule recipe. But have you had the pleasure of meeting the rest of the Mule family? Try out five of the best Moscow Mule variations, and discover what makes each one distinctively delicious...

For the original

You'll need:

  • A copper mug

  • 1 scoop of cubed ice

  • 40ml (1.5oz) vodka

  • 20ml (¾ oz) fresh lime juice

  • Ginger beer (just fill that glass right up)

  • A fresh lime wedge for garnish or a mint sprig

Pour a scoop of ice in a copper Moscow Mule mug, then add your vodka (the original recipe uses Smirnoff vodka) and lime juice over the ice. Fill up the glass with ginger beer, and garnish with a fresh lime wedge.

That's it.

The Gin-Gin Mule (AKA, the London Mule)

London Gin Mule served with it's mint on top

There are two ‘gins’ in this classic cocktail, both which inspired the name;  the botanical spirit we know (and love) and the ginger beer, a staple flavour of the Mule family. This winning combination makes for a light, herbal aroma.

To make a Gin-Gin Mule, simply swap the vodka in the original recipe for gin, our favourite has got to be Hendrick’s - a premium Scottish gin made with 11 different botanicals.

Mexican Mule

Mexican Mule served with lime and ice on top

The next stop on our Moscow Mule cocktail trail brings us to the heart of Mexico. For this Moscow Mule variation, we’re swapping vodka (from the recipe above) for Mezcal, a traditional beverage made from agave.

This fiery cocktail will spice up any night out, party, or even a Mexican feast (top tip: this cocktail goes really well with tacos thanks to the lime juice).

Ever heard about the rule that states Champagne is only legit if it’s made in the region of Champagne? Well, it’s a similar story for types of Tequila and Mezcal; they can only be produced in certain parts of Mexico. These strict rules are great news for bartenders – it means every drop we drink is only ever the good stuff.

Kentucky Mule

Kentucky Mule being served with a bottle of Bourbon on it's side

When you think of Kentucky bourbon, scenes of a roaring fire, a crystal glass and fancy velvet armchair probably spring to mind. But when combined with zingy lime and spicy ginger beer, the warm, smooth bourbon can make up one of the freshest Moscow Mule variations there are. To make this cocktail, just replace the vodka with a bourbon whiskey.

Or, if you fancy a Gaelic twist on your Moscow mule variation, try adding Irish Whiskey for an Irish Mule.

Italian Mule

Italian Mule served with lemon on top

Nothing says Mediterranean summer like a cocktail made with amaro. This bitter-sweet Italian staple comes in tons of different flavours and colours, meaning the cocktail possibilities are basically endless. To make this Italian Mule, just use amaro in place of vodka.

If you’re an amaro enthusiast, feel free to experiment with your favourites. For this specific Moscow Mule variation our favourite has got to be Amaro Montenegro, a fragrant blend of 40 botanicals including coriander, orange peel, nutmeg and cinnamon.

Jamaican Mule (aka Dark & Stormy)

Something about the flavour combination of rum, lime and ginger beer just makes sense. That’s why we love the Jamaican Mule so much.

Warm, fiery and fresh, this Moscow Mule variation is the perfect summer cocktail. To make it, all you have to do is add spiced dark rum to your mule instead of the vodka. Et voilà!

Cocktail recipes are full of possibilities, and swapping one small ingredient can make a big difference (remember the Negroni Sbagliato?) You might even find a new favourite...

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