Negroni sbagliato cocktail: Introduction and description

The best (and riskiest) thing about simple cocktails is that one small change can make one huge difference. Sometimes we choose these changes carefully. But other times, entirely new cocktails can be invented by accident. This is how the negroni sbagliato recipe was born...

The original negroni recipe was invented back in 1919. But the negroni sbagliato cocktail didn’t exist until the late 1980s, when a bartender in Milan’s Bar Basso accidentally poured prosecco into his negroni instead of gin. Before he had a chance to remake the cocktail, the customer was already a huge fan. So then the negroni ‘sbagliato’ (meaning “mistake” in Italian) became a big hit, and they’re still served in Bar Basso today. Lighter and more refreshing than a classic negroni, the sbagliato makes the ideal daytime cocktail (much like its citrusy cousin, the white negroni).

Negroni sbagliato ingredients

Negroni Sbagliato being prepared by a bartender

The negroni as we know it is made with vermouth, gin and Campari. But to make a negroni sbagliato, prosecco should be used in place of the gin.

You’ll need...

(Makes 1 cocktail)

  • A rocks glass
  • 1 scoop of cubed ice
  • 30ml prosecco
  • 30ml Campari
  • 30ml sweet red vermouth
  • A piece of orange peel or orange slice, for garnish


Step 1

Like with a classic negroni, it’s important to choose the right glass. A typical negroni glass is basically a short, sturdy tumbler. Once you’ve got the glass, you can start building your drink by adding in the ice cubes.

Step 2

Next, add your Campari and vermouth and give them a stir. You should always use Campari for the amaro part, but you can experiment a bit with the vermouth, depending on how dry or sweet you want your cocktail. We think Martini Rosso works really well in this specific negroni sbagliato recipe.

Step 3

Once you’ve stirred everything, add the prosecco and top it off with a piece of orange peel or a slice of orange to bring it all together. And there you have it – a proper negroni sbagliato cocktail.

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