White negroni cocktail: Introduction and description

We love and appreciate the classic cocktails that were carefully designed, tried and tested. But some of our favourites are the ones that were created spontaneously, like this sour and citrusy white negroni cocktail...

The original negroni recipe was created on the spot over 100 years ago. It’s younger sibling, the negroni sbagliato was invented by accident in the 80s, when a Milanese bartender mixed up his bottles. And the white negroni cocktail was born out of necessity in 2001, when a British bartender didn’t have what he needed to make a negroni, so had to improvise. This cocktail trio might all be part of the same family, but each one has its own distinctive qualities.

Today, we’re focusing on the white negroni – arguably the most distinctive of the three. In this white negroni recipe, French liqueur Lillet Blanc is used in place of Campari, and the traditional sweet vermouth is swapped with a dry vermouth, or Suze bitters. This tangy cocktail packs a real punch, and is perfect for boozy brunches or anyone with a bit of a ‘sour’ tooth.

White Negroni ingredients

White negroni ingredients being poured by a barman and friends

Here’s everything you need to master this white negroni recipe...

(Makes 1 cocktail)

  • A rocks glass
  • 1 scoop of cubed ice
  • 30ml gin
  • 30 ml Lillet Blanc
  • 30 ml dry vermouth or Suze
  • A piece of grapefruit peel, for garnish


Step 1

To make a white negroni cocktail, you can either build and stir it or roll it. If you’re building and stirring, start by putting ice cubes into a typical negroni glass (anything short and sturdy will do). If you’re rolling it, pop a few ice cubes into a shaker, and a few more into your glass.

Step 2

If you’re building, add the gin, Lillet Blanc and dry vermouth / Suze into your glass. And if you’re rolling, add them to your shaker. If you’re wondering which ones to choose, we’ve got a few recommendations. We love the classic flavour of Martini here at EBS – whether it’s sweet or dry. So we’d recommend whipping up a Martini Bianco negroni, with Lillet Blanc wine and Hendrick’s gin.

Step 3

‘Builders’ should stir the ingredients with a bar spoon and ‘rollers’ should pour the ingredients from one shaker to another, then straining it over ice straight into the glass. Add a piece of grapefruit peel to finish it off.

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