With so many gin distilleries popping up across Scotland it can be difficult to know which one to choose. We’re here to help with our guide to the absolute best ones!

Move over whiskey, as gin is quickly overtaking in its popularity. Gin is fast becoming the most popular drink in the UK, and 70% of all of UK’s produced gin is created in Scotland.
And with this demand has come an abundance of independent gin distilleries sprouting across the country, gin tours are one of the hottest Scottish tourist trends of the moment.

A quick Google search and you can easily feel overwhelmed by the seemingly hundreds of Scottish gin tours available – so we’re here to make your selection process a little easier.

Here we round up 5 of the very best gin distillery tours in Scotland and why they’re worth the visit:

Eden Mill: St Andrews

Step in Prince William and Kate Middleton’s footsteps with a visit to the breathtakingly beautiful St. Andrews. And why not stop for a tour of the revered Eden Mill gin distillery why you’re at it? This hugely popular gin-maker offers a variety of activities – including almost daily gin-tours and gin masterclasses. Their stand-out gin concoctions include their sweet to the taste Love gin and their potent Oak gin. And if you’re also a fan of whiskey and beer then you’re in luck, as Eden Mill produces an extensive variety of these and offers tours to boot.

Pickering’s Gin: Edinburgh

Whether you’re visiting the gorgeous city of Edinburgh just for the day or for longer, make a stop at Pickering’s Gin a priority. Located on the site of an old animal hospital, this quirky gin-maker boasts a 60-year-old original Bombay recipe that enthuses 9 botanicals to create one of the most wonderful gins on the market. And the best part? Their gin tour is surprisingly affordable – at only £10 a head – you really can’t go wrong!

Shetland Reel: Shetland

The Shetland Islands are hauntingly picturesque and yes even they have their own independent gin distillery. Shetland Reel is multiple award-winning gin-maker, including their impressive Silver San Francisco World Spirits Award for its Original and Ocean Sent Gins. And they are also one of the most authentically ‘local’ Scottish gins, as they pride in only using botanicals that are sourced locally. As of now guided tours and tastings run three days a week.

Lilliard Gin: Jedburgh

Lilliard is new to the gin market and at Jedburgh is a mere skip, jump and hop away from the borders of England. A floral gin that is produced in a stunning converted farm building, you’ll find a distillery, restaurant and shop onsite. On Saturday and Sundays micro-tours are offered – perfect for newbies to the gin scene. And they also offer regular gin classes, where you’ll be taught how to find the perfect gin botanicals to suit your palette.

The Glasgow Distillery Co: Glasgow

Last but by no means, located in Scotland’s cosmopolitan city Glasgow is The Glasgow Distillery Co. Creating and providing tours for whiskey, beer and gin, it is named after a Glaswegian distillery that dates to 1770 with an aim to re-establish the city of Glasgow as a major spirits provider. Their four gins include their award-winning Makar Original Dry Gin, cask matured makar oak aged gin, cask matured makar mulberry aged gin and their traditional makar old Tom gin. Tours and tasting are available almost daily.

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