The European Bartender Schools rainbow shot trick always surprises and excites guests; who expects 7 different shots of 7 different colours to come out of 1 tin? This trick is not magic, there is no rabbit in a hat, no handkerchiefs being pulled out of sleeves or any vanishing acts. It’s simply bartending…and a bit of science.

The four liquids all have different densities, this allows them to separate and stack up in the shaker. As the shots are poured out, the colours blend and create an awesome rainbow. The best thing about this trick is that it is super simple to perform, so once you know how to do it, you can show it to your guests or friends and watch their jaws drop!

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It's a simple and easy bartending trick

To pull off this trick you’ll need the following equipment and ingredients:


Glass Shot
Ice Cubed
Method Build and strain
Garnish None
  Hawthorne strainer



40ml Rose's Grenadine
80ml Orange juice (fresh, no pulp)
40ml Vodka
20ml DeKuyper Blue Curaçao


Step 1

Pour the Rose’s Grenadine into the tin first; this is going to become your final layer (the one coming out of the tin last). Rose’s Grenadine works great as it has a deep pomegranate flavour and its vivid red colour sets up the final shot perfectly.

Step 2

Add the ice to the tin, this starts to create the structure needed for the trick as it keeps the mix in place. This makes it harder for the ingredients to mix when you add them one after another.

Step 3

Pour the 8cl of orange juice in to the tin gently whilst maintaining a circular motion over the ice. As the liquid pours down the sides of the tin it creates an individual layer without upsetting the grenadine.

Step 4

Pour your vodka gently over the ice, and by applying the same technique as before, you’ll avoid upsetting the orange juice and grenadine that are already layered.

Step 5

Place the Hawthorne strainer on top of your tin and pour the Blue Curaçao over it. As Blue Curaçao is thicker than the other ingredients, it will sink down (we actually do want that, just not too much). The small holes in the Hawthorne strainer delay the sinking process just enough to get a perfect mix.

Step 6

Now the shots are all layered in the tin, it is time to gently pour your tin over the shot glasses and watch as your customers and/or friends try to figure out how you’ve pulled off your trick!

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