• 40ml tequila
  • 20ml fresh lime juice
  • Fill with Coca Cola

Process Steps

  1. Coat the rim of a highball glass with salt (use lime juice so that it sticks)
  2. Pour in the tequila and fresh lime juice over cubed ice
  3. Fill with Coca-Cola

The Batanga cocktail is a simple drink that is a combination of tequila, fresh lime juice, and Coca-Cola and is served in a tall glass. The Batanga is known as a popular drink in Mexico that has a perfect mix of flavours. It contains an earthy flavour from the tequila, sweetness from the soda drink and a tarty punch from the lime. It is traditionally stirred using a wooden knife, with residues from previously chopped ingredients that add to the overall taste of the drink. The Batanga drink has an overall refreshing and tropical sweet taste that is appealing for most drinkers.

The Batanga recipe was invented in the year 1961 by a man called Don Javier Delgado, who owned a restaurant in Mexico called La Capilla. Don Javier named it after one of his customers who was seemingly stout in appearance. The word Batanga is slang for “thick in the middle” in Spanish. The Batanga drink is reminiscent of the Cuba Libre, which is most commonly known as Rum & Coke. The Batanga cocktail recipe is a perfect blend of sweet soda, crisp tequila flavour and a fruity twist of lemon. It is best recommended to someone who likes their drink served in a highball glass on a hot summer’s day.
What are the ingredients for a Batanga?
Listed below are the following ingredients for a Batanga cocktail.

  • Tequila: Made from the Agave plant, it originates in Guadalajara, Mexico in the city called Tequila.
  • Lime juice: Lime juice is made of lime and contains acidic juice vesicles.
  • Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola is a carbonated drink with a sweet and flavourful taste. It has a vanilla and cinnamon taste and is most commonly consumed as a beverage.

1. 40ml Tequila

Tequila is the main ingredient, containing up to 40ml max for pure tequila. The tequila jives into the citrus lime juice and adds to the familiar taste of a Batanga drink. It contains 40% to 50% alcohol, with an amount of 64 calories per 30ml. The best brand of tequila to use for the Batanga cocktail is Tequila Blanco.

2. 20ml fresh lime juice

Lime juice is a common culinary and bar ingredient. It produces a citrusy taste that is very distinct that meshes well with the flavour of tequila. A single lime can produce 2 tablespoons of lime juice. 10ml of Lime Juice contains 2.5 calories.

3. Fill with Coca-cola

Coca-cola is an essential ingredient in the Batanga recipe. 100ml of Coca-Cola contains 9 grams of sugar with a calorie count of 37. Coca-Cola makes up the largest portion in the Batanga recipe, giving the drink its fruity and vanilla sweet taste. One can use any type of premium cola, but the best type of cola for the Batanga is Mexican coke.

How to make a Batanga?

Preparing a Batanga has never been easier thanks to this recipe, so don't miss it and make the most out of your cocktail!

  • Coat the rim of a highball glass with salt (use lime juice so that it sticks).
  • Pour in the tequila and fresh lime juice over cubed ice.
  • Fill with Coca-Cola.

1. Coat the rim of a highball glass with salt (use lime juice so that it sticks).

Rub some lime juice around the rim for the salt to adhere to. Grab the highball glass, then dip the rim of the glass in some salt. The added salt enhances and brightens the blend of flavours, most especially the sweetness of the Coca-Cola.  

2. Pour in the tequila and fresh lime juice over cubed ice.

Pour the 40ml of Tequila and 20ml of fresh lime juice first into the highball glass with ice. Placing them first ensures the recipe has the right proportion of alcohol and lime juice. This starts to chill the room temperature ingredients right away.  

3. Fill with Coca-Cola.

Fill the highball glass with Coca-Cola. This is an essential step because Coca-Cola gives the Batanga cocktail its sweet flavoured taste.

What nutritional benefit can you get from drinking a Batanga?

There are no nutritional benefits from drinking a Batanga. Each serving of the Batanga cocktail drink contains 177 calories. The average alcohol concentration per 1.5 serving of Batanga has an average of 11.46% by alcohol volume.

What are the different variations of Batanga?

There are multiple variations of the classic Batanga cocktail including Cherry Batanga, Highball, 7 and 7, Jack and Coke, Captain and Coke, Añejo Highball, Tequila and Coke, Scotch and Soda, and Hennessy and Coke. To switch up a classic Batanga cocktail drink, the bartender can change some of its ingredients. The procedure of making the variation of the Batanga Recipe is just the same as making the original recipe. Instead of using Coca-Cola, the bartender can use other flavoured sodas. Similar drinks to the Batanga cocktail are Cuba Libre, Charro Negro, Mojito, Pink Lemonade, Blue Motorcycle, Blue Kamikaze, and Classic Margaritas.

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