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Christmas Margarita Recipe

Love the fruity sharp zing of a Margarita but looking to sip on something a wee bit more festive? Enter the Christmas Margarita recipe! It makes the perfect thirst quenching Christmas cocktail.

With a splash of cranberry this fruity little number is at more like a Cosmopolitan than the infamous Mexican drink but every bit as delicious. You'll find all the classic ingredients but we've added tart refreshing 100% cranberry juice (and sugar syrup to keep the cocktail well balanced).

Here’s how to make it this very festive cocktail:


Martinez Recipe: How to Make a Martinez

The Martinez is known for its history and taste which is reminiscent of a Manhattan. The Martinez cocktail recipe contains gin, vermouth, bitters, and maraschino which is acknowledged as a precursor of a popular cocktail drink that leads to a variety of versions. The Martinez is known today as a classic modern beverage that has stood the test of time.

Apple Martini

Apple Martini Cocktail Recipe: How to Make an Apple Martini

The Apple Martini cocktail is a famous drink that has garnered many variations. It is a vodka based cocktail that is electric green or pale green in colour and therefore is easily distinguished from other Martinis. The Apple Martini recipe contains apple sour flavour, vodka, liqueur, lemon juice and sweet sugar syrup. The Apple Martini is served in a coupe glass or Martini glass.


Batanga Cocktail Recipe: How to Make a Batanga

The Batanga cocktail is a simple drink that is a combination of tequila, fresh lime juice, and Coca-Cola and is served in a tall glass. The Batanga is known as a popular drink in Mexico that has a perfect mix of flavours. It contains an earthy flavour from the tequila, sweetness from the soda drink and a tarty punch from the lime. It is traditionally stirred using a wooden knife, with residues from previously chopped ingredients that add to the overall taste of the drink. The Batanga drink has an overall refreshing and tropical sweet taste that is appealing for most drinkers.


Mojito Cocktail Recipe: How to Make a Mojito

The Mojito Cocktail drink is a customary drink in Cuba made with five primary ingredients to achieve the perfect balance of sweet, sour and minty flavours: light rum, sugar syrup, fresh lime wedges, soda and mint leaves. Some flavours are extracted from the ingredients through muddling which allows them to release their juices and organic properties. The Mojito is a highball drink and is served with ice to achieve that perfect refreshing taste. The mint in a Mojito gives a refreshing herby flavour that brings the entire drink together.

Glass of cold brew coffee without milk

Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

Finding the most indie of coffees out there has become a popular trend in recent years for coffee lovers. So, in keeping with this modern craze, how about a coffee that doesn't need to be brewed? 

Eclipsed by iced coffee because of the Instagram influencers, the cold brew coffee is currently making a come back. Let us enlighten you about it...

Drinking an Irish coffee

Irish Coffee Recipe

A perfect way to end a dinner, the Irish coffee has long been a host's ultimate trump card. One glance of this sweet, creamy treat will see your guests' faces light up in excitement. Want this reaction too? Simply follow our easy Irish coffee recipe!

Let's get into the recipe...

Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz Recipe: How to Make an Aperol Spritz

An Aperol Spritz is a wine-based drink made with Prosecco, a bitter liqueur such as Aperol, and club soda. It is typically served over ice in a wine glass, martini glass, or lowball glass, and garnished with an orange slice. The Aperol is responsible for the drink's characteristic orange colour and bitter orange flavour. The Spritz cocktail drink is usually bitter and contains less alcohol than a standard cocktail, making it the perfect compliment to salty appetisers.