With 6 900 students graduating from European Bartender School in 2022, we’re continuing to ensure that the hospitality sector’s high expectations and standards are met by professional staff around the world.

We’re all aware: the past 2 years were challenging, for individuals and businesses alike. We experienced limitations to traveling, real-life socialising, communicating and learning. 

This is why the return to normal in 2022 meant the world to us at European Bartender School.

We could resume our educational services, bringing opportunities for professional development and personal growth to thousands of young people across the globe!

EBS in 2022: 6 900 students from 65 countries

In 2022, 6 900 students from 65 countries graduated from European Bartender School’s  educational programmes: Basic Bartender Course, International Bartender Course, Advanced Bartender Course, and other speciality courses held  across 5 continents. 

We contribute to equality for all in the bartending industry

Bartending has diversity at its core: it’s equally attractive to all genders, in all parts of the world. It’s also universal when it comes to employability:  professional bartending speaks the language of skill before the language of tongue. It’s a pleasure to watch our graduates find jobs in countries of their choice, overcoming cultural barriers with the power of their bartending craft.

In 2022, our international cohort was 42% female and 58% male. With numerous female instructors and school managers, we’re proud to stand at the forefront of a profession that’s a well-known trendsetter in inclusive empowerment, with progressive subculture movements hailing from bars and clubs throughout history. 

Education with a purpose: EBS MatchStaff listed thousands of jobs

EBS MatchStaff, our professional employment platform dedicated to jobs in the hospitality industry, was developed almost a decade ago exclusively for European Bartender School graduates. With the International Bartender Course (IBC), students get special access to the MatchStaff platform where they can apply for  bartending jobs around  the world. This year, IBC graduates had the opportunity to apply for 6 717 jobs posted on the platform.
 EBS Graduates in 2022

The countries with the most bartending ads posted on MatchStaff in 2022 were: United States of America, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Thailand, India, Sweden, Ireland, Switzerland, Mexico, and Norway.

A reason to celebrate: we’re highly recommended by our students

Our courses are loved by students, and this is no mere self-affirmation.
After courses in our schools, we take students’ feedback as we strive to learn more to enhance our environments based on their suggestions. We also measure how likely students are to recommend EBS to their friends - and we always receive shining ratings!

EBS highly recommended by students

97% of our students would (and do) recommend our courses to their networks and friends. As a result, such a high score translates into the formation of a tightly-knit, friendly  community composed of graduates, instructors, and other external participants in our courses. Many students get offered jobs through this network before their courses even end.

Another badge of honour: EBS exceeds expectations

In 2022, we also observed whether the EBS International Bartender Course met students’ expectations across our 28 schools. Results show that 69% of students found their EBS experience to be better or far better than they had expected.

When it comes to our own expectations of students, they never fail to impress! 

Flair, a practical display of bartending as a performing art, might be the largest challenge for  EBS students in terms of something that’s possible to learn over a period of 4 weeks. But it does happen. In 2022, 60% of students graduated with the highest grades 9 or 10 from this class.

Schools with students scoring the highest grades in 2022 were Dublin, Rome, Brussels, Phuket, Milan, and Kos. The highest grades last year were earned by EBS students in the month of July. 

Learning the fun way 

We had students sailing into the sunset on a boat in Mallorca, Spain, enjoying a pool party in Kos, Greece, visiting the James Bond Island near Phuket, Thailand, experiencing a Yankees baseball game in New York, USA, or riding the waves at surfing school in Sydney, Australia. And these are just some of many events our students regularly experience during their 4-week course at EBS schools around the world.

Students from EBS Barcelona
EBS students enjoying Barcelona

EBS Students in Phuket
EBS students in Phuket, Thailand

EBS Students in Sydney
Surfing classes for EBS students, Sydney

On a global level, students rate EBS events highly. These fun activities serve as excellent breaks from classes - students experience cities, cultures, and attractions, forming strong bonds while earning a certification in a highly employable profession. When we say “learning the fun way”, we mean it. 

Fun fact: did you know that in 2022 alone, EBS schools organised approximately 240 graduation dinners!

Collaborations and partnerships

Brand partners of European Bartender School

We were thrilled to continue building our professional community by collaborating with household names in the world of bartending and spirits. We welcomed new names aboard our Board of Education, as well as strengthening our partner relationships through successful cooperation with the world-famous brands: 1883 Maison Routin, Bacardi, Balvenie, Drambuie, Giffard Liqueurs, Glenfiddich, Grants, Hendricks, Hennessy, Martini, Monkey Shoulder, Patrón Tequila, Real Infused Exotics, Sailor Jerry, and Tullamore Dew.

Looking out over the bar

With new plans and upgrades to our curriculums for 2023 already cooking, we ride into the upcoming year confident that European Bartender School will continue raising the standards of professional hospitality education, standing steady in its position as the world’s leading bartender school.

To close, we want to let you know that we’re preparing a great January deal starting the first week of the new year to bring in prosperous new beginnings - so follow our channels to get notified!

Until then, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year with a lovely European Bartender School set of recipes, tips, and tricks to warm your holiday season at home with your loved ones. We present to you the EBS Winter WunderBar 2023!