Not many people can wake up on their twentieth birthday with a view of the slopes in front of them and say with confidence, “my life has completely changed in one year”.

For Tiziano Migliore, he turned his career into something he is passionate about, all from one decision that he made just over a year ago, to become a professional bartender.

So how did he do it? Read on to find out how Tiziano secured his dream job, working with Club Med… 

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Bartending Dreams

Tiziano found himself out of school and into the hospitality industry at eighteen. Working in a 5* luxury hotel gave him his first taste of real, high-end bartending. Whilst Tiziano wasn’t working in the bar, he knew from that point on that bartending was his future, and so his adventure began…

“From the get-go, EBS CARE were so helpful, they helped me choose between going abroad, or staying in Italy. In the end, I went for EBS Milan, and I don’t regret a thing!”

EBS Milan

Tiziano signed up to do the International Bartender Course in Milan, starting in January 2016, studying under bartending legends, Fabio Milani and Matteo Melara.

“I still keep in touch with the instructors from Milan, I’m going to head down to the school for a week soon and catch up with everyone!”

Between flair classes, free pouring and mixing drinks, Tiziano made the most of Milan and his newfound friendships and even signed up to do the 2-Day Mixology to make sure his skills were the best they could be for his new career in bartending.

“Bartending is like riding a bike. But the bike is on fire, and so are you. You really have to be a multi tasking ninja!”

Looking For The Perfect Job

Graduating from EBS means you get lifetime support from EBS MatchStaff, our exclusive site for EBS graduates. Tiziano took full advantage and uploaded his CV to the platform as soon as he could. At the time of his graduation, the Club Med recruitment campaign was in full swing and Tiziano sent off an application to begin working with Club Med.

“With EBS you’re prepared for a bartending career, and not just on paper. They give you all the skills you need to change your life, it’s an investment in your future”

Within the week he had a reply from Club Med asking if he wanted to interview for a job as a bartender in their resorts! There was only one possible response to this… He jumped in two feet first!

Living The Bartending Dream: Working With Club Medtiziano flairing

Just after his nineteenth birthday, Tiziano jetted off to Pragelato with Club Med to work his first season in Val Chisone on the slopes as a bartender. The first of many destinations that Tiziano threw himself into. From that moment on, his professional career as a bartender began.

“Working with Club Med is amazing, they’re a great company with a great bar and equipment to work with”

After working in Pragelato, Tiziano went on to work in Vittel (France), Kamarina(Sicily – also the biggest of the Club Med resorts!), and Val Thorens (French Alps), where he currently works. A true travelling bartender!

“No day is ever the same at the biggest resort in France. The times vary every day, and so do our uniforms! Every night is a different theme and the guests are always changing. It’s hard work, but I wouldn’t dream of changing it”

As well as bartending on a daily basis, Tiziano also runs his own mini bartending classes in the resort. So if you find yourself in the Alps, go and hunt him down for a little taste of EBS!

So, What Next?

It’s safe to say that Tiziano has truly succeeded in living out his bartending dreams. After this season is over he plans to return home for a month or so (with a quick stop to #EBSMilan of course!). Working with Club Med gives you endless opportunities as you can bartend in any of their global destinations, but for the near future, Tiziano wants to stay in Europe and see his home continent a bit more.

“Working with Club Med has really changed me, it’s such an international team, who have become my foreign family! I’ve even picked up new languages with them, I now speak six different languages”

After returning home, Tiziano also has plans to return to EBS for some more training in the form of the 10-Day Advanced Bartender Course with the end goal of becoming an EBS Instructor.

“My real dream is to become a teacher with EBS, but really, it’s my future. In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, ‘If you want to turn a vision into reality, you have to give 100% and never stop believing in your dream’, and I will never stop believing that I will achieve my goals”

We’ll be keeping an eye on Tiziano in the future, as we’re sure that great things will come from his career working with Club Med!

“It’s a lot of stairs to the top of the mountain, but I will keep climbing. I thank my family every day for the support they have given me to achieve my dreams”

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