• 2 dashes Angostura bitters
  • 15ml egg white
  • 60ml DeKyuper Amaretto
  • 30ml fresh lime juice
  • 10ml Sugar syrup

Process Steps

  1. Pour all the ingredients into a shaker
  2. Dry shake (no ice) to combine the egg white
  3. Add ice and shake again until ice-cold
  4. Fine strain into a rocks glass
  5. Garnish with an lemon wedge and a cherry

The Amaretto Sour cocktail is a drink that is known for its sweet and sour flavours. The original Amaretto Sour recipe comprises only 3 ingredients, Amaretto liqueur, fresh lemon juice and simple syrup. The base of the cocktail is the Amaretto liqueur, which originated from the town of Saronno in Northern Italy. The modern Amaretto Sour recipe consists of amaretto liqueur, Angostura bitters, lime juice, simple syrup and egg whites to add texture.

The exact history of the Amaretto Sour cocktail is uncertain. In the 1970s, Italian liqueurs started to make their way to the United States. Sour mixes had been in high demand in bars back then. If customers asked for a sour mix, bartenders would simply serve Whiskey Sours. Then, one day a bartender thought of adding Amaretto liquor to a sour mix, and the Amaretto Sour cocktail was born. The modern recipe of Amaretto Sour has sweet, sour, nutty and strong flavours. It is best recommended for people who love sweet and sour mixes.

What are the ingredients for an Amaretto Sour?

Listed below are ingredients that make up the Amaretto Sour.

  • 2 dashes of Angostura bitters: Angostura bitters is a concentrated bitter. It contains gentian, herbs and spices and is most commonly used as flavourings for cocktails.
  • 15ml egg whites: Egg whites contain low protein, cholesterol, fat, vitamins and minerals. They are used to add texture and froth to the cocktail.
  • 60ml Dekyuper amaretto: Amaretto is an Italian liqueur which is flavoured with almond or apricot stones. It is mostly used for adding flavour to drinks and cocktails.
  • 30ml fresh lime juice: Lime juice is most commonly consumed as a beverage. It has a sweet and sour flavour.
  • 10ml sugar syrup: Sugar syrup comprises one half part water and one half part sugar. It is used to add sweetness to food or beverages.

1. 2 dashes Angostura Bitters

The Amaretto Sour cocktail needs 2 dashes of Angostura Bitters. The Angostura Bitters add a bitter flavour to the cocktail. They balance the sourness and sweetness of the lime juice. Angostura Bitters contain 44.7% alcohol by volume and 1.5 calories per dash.

2. 15ml egg whites

The Amaretto Sour cocktail consists of 15ml egg whites. Egg whites contain low protein and add texture to the cocktail. They also make the cocktail frothy. Egg whites have 8 calories per 15ml.

3. 60ml Dekuyper Amaretto

The Amaretto Sour cocktail needs 60ml of Dekuyper Amaretto. The Dekuyper Amaretto is flavoured with almond or apricot stones. It is the base liqueur of the cocktail and is responsible for its sweet and sour taste. The Dekuyper Amaretto contains 20% alcohol by volume and 110 calories per serving.

4. 30ml fresh lime juice

The Amaretto Sour cocktail contains 30ml fresh lime juice. Fresh lime juice is commonly consumed as a beverage. It also contributes to the sour taste of the cocktail. Fresh lime juice does not have alcohol content, but it does contain 8 calories per serving.

5. 10ml sugar syrup

The Amaretto Sour needs 10ml of sugar syrup. Sugar syrup is one half part sugar dissolved in one half part water. It adds sweetness to the cocktail. Sugar syrup contains 34.2 calories in 10ml.

How to make an Amaretto Sour?

Preparing an Amaretto Sour has never been easier thanks to this recipe, so don't miss it and make the most out of your cocktail!

1. Pour all the ingredients into a shaker.
2. Dry shake (no ice) to combine the egg white.
3. Add ice and shake again until ice-cold.
4. Fine strain into a sour or rocks glass.
5. Garnish with an orange twist and a cherry.

1. Pour all the ingredients into a shaker.

In a cocktail shaker, pour the 2 dashes of Angostura bitters, 60ml Dekyuper amaretto, 30ml fresh lime juice, 15ml egg white and 10ml sugar syrup. It is important to make sure you have the right ingredients.

2. Dry shake (no ice) to combine the egg white.

Close the shaker and shake to thoroughly combine the mixture. It is important to shake properly to mix and blend the different flavours of the mixture.

3. Add ice and shake again until ice-cold.

Add ice and shake again until it gets ice-cold. It is essential to add ice to the mixture so that it is served chilled. Make sure the frothiness from the egg white is already visible.

4. Fine Strain into sour or rock glass.

Finely strain the mixture into a sour or rock glass. Straining is important because it removes unwanted substances from the final mixture.

5. Garnish with an orange twist and a cherry.

For garnishing, grab an orange peel twist and put it on top of the drink. Add a cherry to the side and make sure the orange twist and cherry float on top. This is crucial as garnishes add visual aesthetics to the cocktail, making it look more elegant.

What nutritional benefit can you get from drinking an Amaretto Sour?

There are some nutritional benefits to be gained from drinking an Amaretto Sour. The Amaretto Sour cocktail does contain 6 mg sodium, 35 mg potassium and 0.1 g protein. It also contains 12.97% alcohol by volume and 295 calories.

What are the different variations of Amaretto Sour?

There are multiple variations of the classic Amaretto Sour cocktail, including Blood Orange Amaretto, Perfect Amaretto Sour, Classic Amaretto and Simple Amaretto Sour. To variate a classic Amaretto Sour cocktail drink, the bartender can add additional ingredients such as tequila, cognac or bourbon and orange or pineapple juice. These ingredients can add citrusy flavours and a little punch as well. Similar cocktails to the Amaretto Sour are the Amaretto Aloha Cocktail, Amaretto Sidecar, Amaretto Orange Cocktail, Amaretto Julep, Italian Margarita, and Italian Sunrise.

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