Introducing Boris Nevrlly (known as Mr Espresso on Instagram) 24 years old, from Pula, Croatia. Being a total coffee fanatic led him to EBS Rome in 2018, to take our 5 Day Barista Course. Before EBS, he was working as a head waiter in a restaurant, but he was struggling with his dial in and latte art. Fortunately, he knew about EBS since high school and a thought came to his mind, "hmm, I could check to see if they have a coffee course…”

boris making coffee

How EBS paved the way for his career as a professional barista

The 5 days helped him not just professionally, but personally too. “I would describe it as a very transformative experience. Professionally speaking, EBS is my foundation. I changed personally too, the vibration and the feeling of the school every morning and on the way to class I had pleasant and happy emotions. Amazingly, I made some connections for life. And the coffee flair, that just left me amazed”

What did he do after the course?

His life turned upside down and his mindset changed as he supports others on their path, while continuing to further his own growth. “I won a regional barista competition 2 years ago and attended a national championship, baristas with SCA diplomas came as secret guests to test the coffee that I made and I got a Barista Club mark on the entrance of the bar”. He then became Head Barista at Caffe Bar Dvojka!

boris with certificate

3 Barista tips from Boris Nevrlly

We asked Boris to share some tips and tricks with us that he has learned over his career as a professional barista. Here are his top tips:

  • Consistency is everything
  • There are a lot of coffee preparation styles, there is no wrong one. It depends on what suits a barista better.
  • Love for coffee can be tasted in a cup, if it is prepared with love, that is a one note that will always win people's hearts
coffee cup

What is next for Boris?

He just got an offer to go to work at a Cocktail bar which he accepted, giving him the opportunity to work with specialty coffee, quality equipment and the chance to exchange his coffee expertise for mixology! Further down the line, he has plans to get a SCA diploma, become a trainer and open his own speciality coffee shop with a micro roastery. Big things coming from Boris, watch this space as he continues to expand his coffee culture and make the world taste better!

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