European Bartender School in London has submitted this blog on how to help you break in the bartending industry not too long ago. All seasoned veterans, the guys working at EBS London know a thing or two about how to get hired and how to get a foot in the door of your ideal bar or nightclub. So let’s say you’ve graduated from EBS. First of all, congratulations! You must feel ready to take on the world by now, and live your passion making drinks. Just keep in mind what the instructors told you before; “you never stop learning”. On that note, finding your first bartending job as a certified EBS bartender will probably be your next goal and even though your possibilities are endless, we are not going to BS and say it’s easy. As it shouldn’t be; otherwise anyone could get those incredible bartender jobs anytime. But following a few basic steps will lead to success and hopefully a great experience.

Where to start?

Rule #1: Forget about ALL the standard CV templates that you have seen before!

Rule #2: There are no rules!

Your CV is only a reflection of you, and there are thousands of hungry bartenders for just a few positions. We’re not talking pouring pints, but a place where you can actually use the skills that took you a month to learn, 5 days a week. You are going to have to stand out of the crowd to make an impression, so at this point it is best to forget the cliches and demonstrate the one thing that every bartender should have: CREATIVITY!
When doing your CV the basic qualities of a bartender should fly off the screen. So when you are creating your curriculum, you get rid of anything that is not relevant to the job you are seeking. And be smart about it too: maybe a previous experience or a hobby is hiding a fine qualifier for the position. Think about creating a cocktail! A resume is a mix of all your relevant experiences, making you the professional that you are now. Adding a sheet that features your perfect cocktail won’t hurt your application at all, and to the bar manager it will be a nice way to get a glimpse of what you are about as a bartender – plus it is a great conversation starter, whether they hate it or love it.

Step in there, say your name, and feast your eyes while you’re there.

Where shall I go?

Remember one thing: You are the person looking for a job. The bars will be looking for the best possible application, just like you should be looking for the best bars. Aim high, higher than you can are thinking but stay realistic as well. A great way to start is to scout some of the places you want to work at. Also keep in mind that the best employers will not immediately put you behind their bar once you are hired. They will probably want you to learn the procedures they work with, their pours, their recipes and some of their more advanced stuff. So while the payoff will be there, do keep in mind that it might take a few weeks. And this goes the other way as well; apply to a bar where you will be put right at work will mean you won’t learn anything new. Keep that in mind when you are looking for nice places you want to apply to.

Finding a place that shares your sense of humor and style is important!

How do I apply?

Don’t just go straight to the bar with your CV in hand and ask to speak to the manager. They will probably have more important things to do, and if the bar is hiring, chances are all staff members are aware of it too and they should be able to deal with you before you get to talk to the big man (or woman).

Undercover reconnaissance

While you are in there, read the menu, order a drink, sit at the bar, have a casual conversation with the bartender, and see if you like the place. After all this might be your future bar. Watch how colleagues treat each other. Looking for a job in this industry work a lot through networking, a friend of a friend.. So start building a relationship with the bartender. If you decide to apply the bartender that serves you may put a good word in for you, it’s a kind of a pre-meeting without the formality. Ask him/her how they like their job, and listen to what they have to say. Eventually, you may want to ask if they are looking to fill a position. Even if they aren’t looking just now, they may know a different place, or remember you once somethings comes up – you never know until you try!

Connecting world-class employers with world-class bartenders.

Applying abroad with

You attended an International Bartender course, so instead of going local, you might want a job at a more exotic location. And once you dive into the world of high-end cocktail bars, Vegas, Tokyo, Abu Dhabi or the Maldives are suddenly within reach.

But international job hunts come with some serious barriers – You don’t know what bars are out there. And which one is actually hiring? And if they are, how can you get in touch with the hiring manager?

The combination of these problems, multiplied by time differences and high telephone costs can make the international job hunt a frustrating affair. takes all those barriers away by listing high-end venues worldwide, along with contact details and the specific requirements for the job. Of course you will have to be EBS-certified first to get access to the database, but that way, makes sure all it’s job hunters are very qualified for the jobs posted. The employers on their part appreciate a job posting board where all applicants have gone through the best and biggest bartending course in the world.